Saturday, February 16, 2013

Looking Toward the Temple

It was a glorious Saturday morning on February 16th. Adam went through the Mt. Timp Temple for the first time.  He was so ready and we are thrilled for him. We were so happy to share this day with family and friends...Holmes, Baers, Larsens, Baers, Grandmas, Bowens, Beesons, and Bishops. Love you all! Thanks for making the day extra-special!

"You are making a sacrifice, but it is not a sacrifice because you will get more than you give up, you will gain more than you give, and it will prove to be an investment with tremendous returns. It will prove to be a blessing instead of a sacrifice. No one who ever served in this work as a missionary, who gave his or her best efforts, need worry about making a sacrifice, because there will come blessings into the life of that individual for as long as he or she lives."  - Gordon B. Hinckley

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