Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 23: We had our Baptism on Sunday! :) Whoohoo!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

First off, my mom sent me a few questions through email today that I'm going to respond to, and after that I'll talk about the week and how it all went:

My siblings wanted to know if I still sing in the shower...and the answer is yes but not as much as I used to. I've forgotten so many of the songs I knew before the mission and now I just sing songs from MoTab... But the thing is that my comps don't like constant singing, so I'm dropping that... And yes, I get bugged about the mmmming. I guess it is something I need to change so ... I'll work on it! Tell Trustin to tell me where he goes when he knows! :) Tell him I'm super proud of him and that he is a stud! :D Christmas is coming soon so it won't be too long until we can all Skype! We just had lunch with a young couple in the ward and they said we could Skype there if we wanted. I think I'm going to do that, and I'll introduce you to the husband, he knows TONS of English. He could carry a conversation on EASY CHEESE! You guys would like him! :)  

Well guess what everyone ... We had our baptism on Sunday! :) Whoohoo!!! Little Osvaldo finally was able to get baptized this last Sunday. Last week we finished teaching him everything and then we set up an interview with the Zone Leaders. I was a bit nervous for him to go into the interview. I was confident that we taught him everything he needed to know but I was concerned that he would forget. My worrying wasn't helped when Osvaldo and the ZL, Elder Schwartz, came out of the room. He and Osvaldo were laughing but he turned to me with a serious face and gave the sweeping of the hand across the neck motion saying, "It didn't go well, we got to stop filling out the paper work, he can't get baptized." Fortunately afterwards he smiled and said JK before I started breathing into a brown paper bag (totally joking people, wouldn't happen!). Anyways, the worst thing was trying to find pants for him. We called everyone, searched everywhere, and got tons of pairs but it wasn't until an hour before his baptism that we were able to find pants that would fit his waist (yes he is short but he's a bit large around the middle...yeah). Anyways, he wanted me to baptize him so that was a neat experience. The water was warm and I was able to memorize his name (five separate names...HOLY). It was fantastic and we had amazing support from his family and the ward. The baptistry room was filled and there were even people out in the hall. They all congratulated him and welcomed him into the ward but the best thing was when he told us he felt happy after his baptism :D Unfortunately, I don't have my cable with me to send photos but I promise I took them and I'll send some next week!!!

Another thing that went on this week was we had a CVC or a Centro de Visitantes de la Capilla (Visitors Center for the Chapel). It was for less actives and non-members to come and learn about the church and how we do things. There were little mini tours that went on throughout the building. Elder Frost and I were dressed in white outside the baptismal font talking about baptism. By the end of the day, Elders Pagalo and Cuadros got 22 references and Elder Frost and I got 2. But it was a very successful event and the ward helped out a TON :D The youth and everybody were excited to be out on the street in front of the chapel inviting people to come inside and take a mini tour. It was so awesome and we felt the spirit so strong! I can't wait until we do it again!!!

Right now we are teaching a guy named Francisco. We contacted him in the street and he told us we could come by. Each time we did he wasn't home. We had almost given up on us but one day we decided to pass by out of the blew. We did and he was there. We found out he liked learning English so we said we would help him. We have been sharing our message and helping him with English for about a month now and he is amazing. We found out that before we talked to him he had stopped believing in God and everything. We've taught him the first 3 lessons and he is now a believer in God, wants to increase his relationship with him, and wants to quit smoking. We asked him if he would be baptized when he knows that these things are true and when God helps him quit smoking. He said he would! :) We are stoked for him! He has a wife and a son and I'm sure they would get baptized if he did :) Elder Frost and I love this guy!!! 

So those are the big things that happened this week! Thanks for everything, love you all, ciao!!!

Elder Adam Bushman

PS - YES, I got mail - 29 letters :) Haha, everyone started FREAKING out, seriously :D It was fantastic! I especially loved the Choir Tour letter! How neat! I miss Mr. Swenson, say hi to him for me!

"We say to our friends of the world, we love and admire you. We are grateful for your resolve to be righteous in an increasingly wicked world. Bring all that you have that is good and wholesome with you, and let us add to all that you have, that which we have-the fullness of the gospel and the even greater blessings that can follow unto you through membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!" - Spencer W. Kimball

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