Wednesday, April 10, 2013

He made it! First Letter...

Hello Everyone!!!

I miss you all and I wish I could see you all... Right now I am in Chile Santiago at the MTC. It's really nice weather here and I am having a pretty good time. There are lots of other missionaries, both white and chilean, so it is cool to interact with them. The flight from SLC to Atlanta was kinda boring. I sat next to a lady who drank beer and wine a lot so it was really weird. I kept thinking of you all so to keep my mind off my feelings for you all I tried to study the gospel and it took my mind off of it for a while. We arrived at the airport and we kinda just sat around. We lost one of our companions, Elder Nelson, in the airport. haha. He went off to look at a vending machine and we didn't know so we took off without him. Anyways, while waiting I talked to a guy who was fluent in Spanish and English. Interesting guy, a Mr. Schilow. We talked about Santiago, the church, and various other seemingly intellectual topics. It was an experience. Anyways, he said he'd follow your blog mom, haha!! Anyways, I was totally sad on the plane from Atlanta to Santiago. I missed my family, my home, everything I knew, everyone I knew... I missed Eliza a ton too... anyways, I wrote about it a lot in my journal. The flight was long, they served us food (yucky food mind you, don't think surf and turf). I had a decent sleep and arrived in Santiago. We traversed customs and immigration okay but we had to wait at the airport almost an hour for someone to come and pick us up. We were looking everywhere before someone came and took us to the MTC and church office building. We've been taking tours and such for the past little bit, settling in and getting ready for our stay at the MTC. I can't send photos now but I will make sure to send several of our whole company, where I'm living, the food I've got and other things. 

Love you all, I'm safe, talk to you soon! I get to write on Tuesdays so expect it then!!!

p.s. Correct my grammar... the keyboards here are terrible and not the same at all. That's the reason for the poor grammar, capitalization, etc.

From Mom: I corrected his letter as requested so you won't see the mistakes. So happy to hear from him today!!

"The first convert you want to make in this church is yourself. When you are sure you have him/her converted, then you start on somebody else."  
- Harold B. Lee


  1. Love the blog Julie!! I'm so glad he's there safely. I promise it gets easier. He's going to be a great missionary!

  2. And sorry, my google account is in Drew's name because that's the one I use for his blog, but it's really just me, Linda. :)