Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 2: I Can't Wait to Actually Teach REAL People!

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Hey Everyone,

Lots of stuff has happened this week so I'm just gonna jump right in. First off, the Latino missionaries left yesterday; they are just in here for two weeks. I loved our roommates and I'm gonna miss them a ton! I am excited for the new missionaries and the new North American ones. Next, we watched elder Hollands talk to the MTC. I have renewed vigor and excitement for my mission! I cannot wait to get out into the field! Sundays are my absolute favorite day! Ah, I love the videos we watch and the discussions and the sacrament meetings. It's so spiritual, so relaxed and all out AMAZING. 

Apparently our mission president for the east mission, President Wright, is SUPER awesome. I cannot wait to meet him and experience all of what he will bring to our mission! The food here is still making me sick but I'm getting used to it. At breakfast they put yogurt on their cereal instead of milk. Apparently milk is too expensive here...who knew? They always have potatoes too and I'm sick of them, but I love their meats and jello! haha! 

So one of the guys in our district, Elder Nelson, is totally TJs twin. His facial expressions and the way he says stuff is totally like TJ. It's awesome....he doesn't look a thing like him though so don't get confused! Me and Elder Mcgary sing and quote psych all the time. We are a ton alike and we have tons of fun together. We're probably gonna do a musical number sometime soon! Some of the elders are having trouble. One almost went home because he was so homesick. He's since decided to stay but the other is having trouble with his testimony.... I'm trying to help and pray for them! I hope my efforts are doing some good. 

So I found out that I leave on March 24, 2015 from the field....a good two and a half weeks early. Anyways, I'm not thinking about the end so much anymore, just the end of this boring MTC. Forgive my poor attitude but the MTC for six weeks is starting to wear away my patience and brain cells... I have been experiencing great spiritual moments during church, when praying, giving lessons in Spanish, and when listing to people sing. It is amazing to feel this spirit. The other night I just started singing Be Still my Soul and I began to cry because I was so happy and joyful and full of the spirit. Boy it is amazing. I can't wait to actually teach REAL people! 

My teachers are leaving to teach the new North American missionaries and we are getting new ones. It's kinda sad because I love Hermano Cerda and Arraya so much; they are great! I've been working on my Spanish and I feel weird. My head is about to explode trying to translate what I am hearing, to English, reading in English, and translating what I want to say back to Spanish. I am absolutely going CRAZY! haha! But it is cool to see my language learning progressing, and it has only been two weeks! and in only an MTC! The lord is certainly blessing me completely! Cuando nosotros servimos Dios, recibiremos bendiciones internes. I've been writing in my journal a ton so there's a great record of everything. Anyways, I gotta go! I love you all and I look forward to next week and writing you all!!!!
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Elder Adam Robert Bushman


Elder Pinel - Roommate that just left the MTC

Elder Pinel, Elder Gonzales, Elder Bushman, Elder Holsclaw, Elder Lee

The Elders...
Chile MTC
 From Mom: I was able to talk back and forth with him via email a bit today. He says "everything is FANTASTIC now! WOOOHOOO!" He has replaced all of his country singing with hymns. "Be Still my Soul is my new shower song!!!" Also, when I asked him if he needed anything he said, "Don't worry about the ear plugs; I'm now so exhausted he doesn't wake me up anymore..." He will be able to Skype or call on Mother's Day - he's not sure which, but one or the other! LOVE the photos!!

"No man can teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ under the inspiration of the living God and with power from on high unless he is living it."
~ Heber J. Grant


  1. I would think that yogurt would be more expensive and harder to get than fresh milk? ;)

    1. That's what we were thinking, too! Thanks for reading!!