Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 30: We Need to Build on the Doctrine of Christ

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow....the change is over!!! I've just finished by 4th change in the mission field, wow, the time is going by so very quick... :) Haha! My companion Elder Kern is also half way done with his training program as well! Things went really well and really quick this week. Here are some of the highlights and everything:

Ever since the start of October we have been teaching D, O's older brother. He has been progressing so very well. He understands the endure to the end and all of the aspects of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ. He understands that going to church is essential. Last week he went to Stake Conference all by himself. We waited at the church and he had to walk for 20-25 minutes in order to get there but he came and we were so very excited. He has a baptismal date for the 17 of November and we are really, really excited for him! He is reading everything we leave for him, he understands the Plan of Salvation and the other day we showed him the video of John Rowe Moyle and afterwards he prayed that he would be able to keep going and endure to the end through his trials... He ended the prayer with some subtle tears which really let us know that he was sincere. We are dedicating these last two weeks to teaching the commandments and helping him know more members of the ward.

B's girlfriend, O, has been quite good. She came to church yesterday and participated very, very actively in the Principles of the Gospel class (which I had to teach yesterday on the spot). She agreed to be baptized when she finds out that the Book of Mormon is true...but, she wants to read the whole BofM beforehand....that'll take a while. It's a really awesome goal and we are encouraging her to do it, but this next lesson we have with here will primarily be about taking the leap of faith in order to follow Christ's example. She is progressing very nicely :)

Halloween was quite boring here. We heard so much about how it is just as big as the states and how they do all these different things...well, P.S., it was a bust. Totally lame! Everyone dressed up as scary/morbid stuff and I missed how our family focuses on the uplifting costumes :) Anyways, we were actually able to get a lot done that night, which was my biggest worry...that we wouldn't be able to have ANY lessons!  

Congrats to Andrew Horsley on the call, that is sooooooo awesome :) I'm so excited for him! Also, Jordan Paskett is home?!?! WOW, that was SOOOOOOO quick... Haha! 

Elder Kern is doing good. He thinks he's not progressing and I tell him all the time he is. Starting today he gets the cell phone but he is concerned about it...which I completely understand, I did the same thing because I was scared I wouldn't understand anything...but, being the good companion Elder Frost was, he stuck to it and I learned. I'm trying to do the same thing with Elder Kern.

One of my gospel thoughts comes from 3 Nephi 11:40...we need to build on the Doctrine of Christ if we want to be that reminded me of Helaman 5:12...It's interesting that all of troubles and all that we pass through in life can be dealt with through the help of the Atonement and the 5 simple principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A few days later I read in 3 Nephi 18:12-13 and noticed that he talks about a sandy foundation and a rock again...then, I noticed that he talked about that RIGHT after talking about the Sacrament. The way we are going to endure through these last days is if we are rooted in His doctrine and if we renew our baptismal covenants regularly, preparing for the TEMPLE :D

So the last few little Christmas things: cookie mixes!!! (me and Elder Kern just want the cookie dough :), and some Christmas cards! :D

That's pretty much all for this week, haha! :) Things are going great! In just two and a half weeks Elder Lee and I will mark 8 I guarantee that when the new year comes around it will be surreal at how FAST the time has flown. :D Haha, I'm really excited to Skype you all! Make sure Cole and Eden are there when we do it! I can't send any photos this week but I will have TONS this coming MONDAY :) FOR SURE! :)

Elder Bushman
"Missionary work is a work of love and trust, and it has to be done on that basis." - Gordon B. Hinckley

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