Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 29: It was a Miracle

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow, this week has just FLOWN by! I remember September 23rd when I got my companion and started to train. It feels like that was just yesterday but now we have one more week until the end of the change and to enter into November! It is just CRAZY! :D I'm having a blast out here and a lot has happened this week but before I get to that, here's some answers to some questions:

I got my package from my family and boy was it AMAZING. I loved all of the candy and the photos and the little presents from my family :) Haha! I was on splits with my Zone Leader, Elder Schwartz, when I got the package and boy was that fun! He asked me if he could have one of the Christmas cards you sent, mom, and I said, "Sure." But on opening the box, we found out that it contained the crayons that you sent, haha!! :) That was really really funny! I haven't gotten Aunt Susie's package yet so we are still waiting on that one.

Congrats to my friends Evan Peterson and Hannah Ashby on their mission farewells! They will both be going into the MTC soon so I wish them the best of luck from down here in Chile! :) "ÉXITO!"

So, my feet are hanging in there! They hurt from time to time but they are getting better I believe! :) I felt kinda sick last Monday when writing my family but I've been very healthy during the week! For Christmas, hmmm.... I would love some more music for my iPod, especially the soundtrack of 17 Miracles. Also, some music from like Vocal Point, Voice Male, some EFY stuff, anything really :) I think the best way to do it would be to throw it on a thumbdrive...ask dad if we could do that and if it would work to throw it on the iPod or not...

So some really awesome things happened this week! We boosted our investigator pool by like 4 people this week! :) We've gotten to teach lots of people and now have about 9 people we are teaching. We still need to find more but we're working on it. Our investigator F. hasn't been progressing as much as we would like him to due to his work. He's been having to look for a lot of work to pay off a debt he has. Anyways, we have been praying he'd find a job...well, he found one that will pay off all of his debt! He is so relieved and we asked him if he thought it was a miracle and he responded right away and said yes! :) We're so excited to work with him some more :) 

So we've met with B's girlfriend two times now and she is really excited to learn about the BofM and the church. We taught her some awesome things and she was very surprised that we don't believe that any other religion has all of the truths necessary for salvation. We told her she can know this through the BofM. I talked with her last night on the phone and we set up and appointment for Wednesday and she asked us if she could bring her cousin, who really wanted to listen! :) We're really excited for this lesson :)

So the funniest thing happened yesterday in Stake Conference. A guy from my old ward, Hermano B., was sitting behind me and as the choir began to sing some prelude, he began to sing too. He sang for about 10 seconds and we all started to look back at him and then he FINALLY realized that it was just the choir singing, his eyes got all wide and he quickly covered his mouth and said, "I thought we were supposed to sing." We all busted up laughing, me, and three other missionaries and his whole family! :) Haha, boy that was RICH! 

Well, that's about all for this week! Let me know if you want some more INFO :)


Elder Adam Bushman
"The Elders who are going abroad should deal out kindness to those they are sent to watch over, and your smiles will be far better than your cursings could be."  - Brigham Young

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