Monday, February 2, 2015

Yr. 2, Week 45: Do I Study it in the Moment?

Dear Family and Friends,

This week we had just an incredible lesson with C, G, D, and C. We were finally able to meet with the whole family and it was so INSPÎRING!!! Elder Deal and I made a sweet recording about it so hopefully you guys enjoy. I can't even give it near the justice it deserves over email so just listen to the recording, you'll love it. Suffice it to say they are a very prepared and incredible family. 

We didn't do a whole lot of teaching to our normal investigators or less actives or converts. Most everybody was gone on vacations which made things interesting. So we made use of finding new people to teach and looking for other less-actives that we've never taught before.

This week we met with C and Y and family. C has been pretty stubborn lately and has just been complaining about the Book of Mormon and how he doesn't understand it so we gave him a Bible. He's been reading it from the start and we were able to teach him about the Footnotes because he had like 10 questions from the opening chapter of Matthew so it was so cool that all the references were in either the Book of Mormon or the Topical Guide (in Spanish the topical guide is in the Book of Mormon part). It was super funny to see that even though we are helping him with the Bible, he's still gotta go through the Book of Mormon.... I LOVE IT! (Dad style voice ;)

We had the sweetest experience with D and F this week. We taught them about fasting and how it is a commandment with a promise. We invited them to fast with us this week and they accepted. D. had to work and F. was the only one who went to church this week but it was just so cool. They came to the Church Open House last night and they were offered food by the members and they were like, "Um, we're fasting." And we were like, "YEAH, that's what I'm talking about." After church we talked to F. and her mom at her mom's work and they were like, "Yeah, we are going to say a prayer and break our fast now so we can eat." :D It was super, super cool. They said that, although it wasn't enjoyable per se, they did feel a difference. It was sooooooo awesome! A. is pretty shy and so it's hard for her to learn and get involved at church. A. went on vacations so we aren't really sure how we are going to help him be ready for his baptism but we'll see. :)

In PMG, chapter 5, it talks about how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of our souls. So, while visiting a less-active yesterday, we took those questions out and asked him if he had ever asked himself some of them. He said that he had. So we read the corresponding scripture reference with him and talked about how it answered his question. We then left him as homework to read the reference to his other question. It was a really spiritual moment that we shared with him and I really think he was able to see the value of the BofM...

So I've been trying to finish reading the BofM in Spanish before I go home and it's pretty hard. I find myself studying and pondering the scriptures and sometimes I don't even get through a whole page of the BofM in our hour study. But when I just read I feel like I'm missing the hidden treasures that there are...anyways, that's the battle I'm I finish before the end of the mission? Or do I study it in the moment?
Love you all -
Elder Bushman

This is the Capilla abierta (church open house) we had this week! A decent turnout, but overall fun!! :D

 This is our mate "bar" holder :) haha!

 This is my grandkid, Elder Hulet

Churrascos and Mote con's been a good day :)

This is me and Elder Kern and Elder Hulet, I got a sweet visit from them for like 3 hours because they were going to stay over at our place until they could get their house back but the office decided to move them...again :( Oh well, it was fun seeing them!

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