Monday, February 23, 2015

Yr. 2, Week 48: Studying the Attribute of Christ - Hope

Elder Bushman's letter was answering several questions about coming home. Here are some tidbits about Chile and teaching...
The vacations are going to be over next week. There's still some people gone but even though others are home, they still go out and do stuff like the pool, camping, shopping, etc., and it's hard to get back with them sometimes. They usually go to the beach (an hour and a half away) or the go to the south of Chile to camp or stay in cabins and stuff. 

I think some of our investigators could be baptized! They have the potential and I have the faith that if they really just fulfilled their commitments they would be baptized! However, it's cutting pretty close. Even if we don't have one, I'll be stoked to hear from Elder Deal about the baptisms.  
This week was a little tough with teaching our investigators. We weren't able to take anyone to church, A left on another vacation, C and Y were doing lots of stuff, D worked all week and we didn't get in a single visit. We weren't able to visit with C and G all week either. However, despite all the difficulties we had this week, we found some new people. 

We had some really good lessons and some really good studies. Not much to tell, we are stoked to work really hard this week. We really have been trying but we haven't seen many results. I'm studying the attribute of Christ, HOPE. I really like it and I think it has everything to do with my last few weeks in the mission. I'm going to study this attribute this week, Virtue the next, Diligence the following, and Patience the last. I'm really excited :D 

I love you all, take care guys!

Elder Bushman

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