Monday, March 9, 2015

Yr. 2, Week 50: I'm Going to Read it Every Day

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow, what a week. It was a really, really great week. Looking back on it I can see the ups and downs of the week, the frustration and joy we felt, the tough and easy things, the fun and dumb moments, but I just remember the good. Seriously looking back I only focus on and can remember the good about the week. I really like that. :)

So a quick summary of some of the investigators:

B. Family: this week it was really hard to visit with them, however, this weekend we were able to teach them some really cool, awesome things and they are just progressing awesomely. Sometimes they cancel on us and sometimes they aren't there but when they are and when we coordinate well, it's incredible the spirit we feel with them. Yesterday we taught them and it was awesome. They asked us some questions about the BofM and everything and they really have been reading. D. has read up until 2 Nephi 15. It's incredible and she has really marked some things and has been able to tell us why she did so. Anyways, really awesome! We invited them to be baptized and to a date and they agreed. Anyways, they won't be baptized until after I leave but I don't care, I'm really stoked for them. THEY ARE AWESOME! :D Hahaha!

J and P: we also visited with them yesterday and it was sick. We taught the restoration and P. was just knocked off her feet. We gave her the BofM and she was like, "I'm going to read it, I'm going to read it every day in the subway on my way to work!" It was awesome. J and P want to baby bless their baby and we told them about it and they want to come to church and everything! Anyways, they are doing great! 

L: this was an old investigator that we were visiting but we left him because he didn't progress. However, we taught him again and he's decided to be baptized. We invited him and his wife to set some goals as to what they thought they needed to do in order to prepare for baptism. We came back and they said they were going to pray every day in the morning and night, read the BofM together, go to church when L. isn't working, and he wants to be baptized the first week of April! :) Anyways, we visited with him with J., our convert and it was awesome. I think it strengthened J. and helped L. know that there is someone at church who has made changes and who is happy! 

A little bit about my studies this week. While on divisions I had a great study about Virtue. PMG led me to read D&C 48:33. I was meditating on it a bit because I was trying to understand a bit more about why the Lord would be telling the saints to be sanctified and virtuous. I read the section heading and it all made sense. The lord was helping them to know who he wanted the meetings of the church to be directed. So as I kept studying, it made more and more sense why the Lord wants us to be virtuous as we perform sacred covenants. In D&C 133:4-5 it talked about being clean those that bear the vessels of the Lord. So I thought for a long time about what vessels meant and 2 Timothy 2:21 helped me to understand. I loved this study because it helped me to understand what it is that I want to be as I represent the Lord in administering Christ's grace and blessings through those covenants. 

So that's a bit about the week that I've had and I've really had a great time. It's been so fun and so great to be with Elder Deal. We have lots of fun together. He comes home a change after me and is going to BYU too and we we are planning lots of fun stuff to do! Haha, we're good friends! :D 

Love you guys, take care!

Elder Bushman

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