Thursday, November 8, 2012

And the Papers are in...

Adam received confirmation today that his papers were submitted to church headquarters. Now it's a waiting game. There is some talk mulling around that the missionary department is meeting every day (rather than once per week) to handle the enormous amount of missionary submissions. If that is the case, his call could come before Thanksgiving! Generally, this is Adam's typical conversation to me, "Mom, I just can't wait. Where do you think I'm going to go? This is going to be the longest two weeks of my life. I'm just so excited, I can hardly stand it. Maybe I'll go to Africa!"
While the wait goes on, he's staying busy with school, studying, work, plenty of social events, and flag football games!

"Develop mission-mindedness in children. In recent years nearly every time I see a little boy, I say, "You will make a great missionary, won't you?" You plant into his mind a seed. It is just like plants and other vegetation. It grows and grows, and if a father and a mother talk to their little boys, particularly, and their little girls, about going on a mission-when they are infants, almost-that little seed will grow and grow and they won't need to say anything about missionaries when they get a little older. The boys plan it." - Spencer W. Kimball

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