Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Missions definitely require preparation - physical and spiritual. I think these missionaries-to-be enjoy the spiritual more than the physical, especially when we're talking wisdom teeth removal.

Little Red Riding Hood was a trooper!
What a joy to witness spiritual preparations - namely, a Patriarchal Blessing. I was the biggest cry baby through the whole thing. It's so satisfying for me to see my child grow, progress, mature, and live righteously. I just can't fight back the tears! However, he was wise, steady, articulate, respectful, mature, excited, humble, and sensitive. He's ready!

With Patriarch LeBaron

 "This is a great labor; one of incalculable worth and benefit in Zion. In order to succeed, you must be on the Lord's side; you must have the co-operation of the Spirit of God. You must feel the importance of your mission, and that mission is to vitalize those who are charged with the responsibility and care of the young men of Israel. Your duty is to teach them how to do their work effectively, and how best to accomplish the salvation of the young. Therefore, you must possess the spirit of the mission in your hearts; and, in order to do that, you must be prayerful and humble. Be genial and kind so that you may cope with all difficulties. Be not discouraged, but press on until all obstacles yield to your efforts." - Joseph F. Smith

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