Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It came!!!!!!

The call came in the mail this morning. We were all watching out the window for the mail lady that comes almost every day at 10:30 AM. Liv ran out to check it and came back screaming. We all pounced on Adam who was still sleeping. He endured our excitement as he was lying in bed, catching up on much needed sleep. We were finally able to get him up and take his picture with "THE ENVELOPE".

Now we just have to wait a few more hours until the family can all gather. We can't believe this moment is here! How did the time go by so quickly??

"One of the indispensable qualifications of the elders who go out into the world to preach is humility, meekness and love unfeigned, for the well-being and the salvation of the human family, and the desire to establish peace and righteousness in the earth among men. We can not preach the gospel of Christ without this spirit of humility, meekness, faith in God and reliance upon his promises and word to us." - Joseph F. Smith

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