Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 4: The ultimate tongue twister…Spanish!

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Hello everyone! 

Wow, it has already been another week, haha, crazy!! Anyways, here's some stuff from this last week. Today and yesterday the latest group of Latinos just left for their missions…ah, it was so sad. I love them all and they are all so fun and loving and just amazing people. I am really privileged to know all of them! It's also really sad that I know I am not going to see any of these people for the rest of this life…it’s a sad feeling but one that is obviously going to be prevalent throughout my whole mission! 

Anyways, today marks four weeks out here, a whole month!!! Wow the time sure has passed as I am sure it has for all of you back home. The weeks are starting to go quicker and I am getting more and more settled in. I'm still getting used to it all but it is good and I am starting to enjoy it all and think a lot less of home. So lately Ive been getting pretty frustrated with the ultimate tongue twister…Spanish! Hahaha, I am only frustrated because it feels like I have stalled in the language, that I am not getting better at understanding and that I cannot say things easier. My mind hasn’t switched over to Spanish yet and I honestly feel that I am not going to be progressing a lot until I do. I am still learning a lot but it seems that I am not applying it for some reason…anyways, it’s a struggle. But I am keeping a good attitude about it.

I’m continually learning teaching tactics and ways to get better at teaching. President MacArthur from the Rancagua mission came and did a fireside, taught us an amazing way to teach, the way the elders taught him the gospel. We used a little bit when we taught one of our investigators a while ago. I can really hold my own in the lessons though. I feel like I can explain things, testify of principles, promise blessings, sympathize with the investigator, answer their questions, and do the main things you would do in a lesson. I am still learning little skills and techniques but it is coming along great! The days are really monotonous here … It is really repetitive but I am finding ways to mix it up. We´ve been pranking each other every once in a while and we sing hymns in the stairwell, etc., stuff like that! HAHA! The other day we practiced teaching and contacting with the Latino missionaries. They didn’t know hardly any English so we had to do everything in Spanish. It was awesome! I learned a lot, practiced a lot, and got some good examples of how to teach with unity!! Those missionaries were awesome examples. 

Glad to hear my package is coming, I am totally stoked for it! Say Hi to everyone!!! Chelsea is dating! Let's hope that works out J haha! Tell Sis. Beeson I didn’t have time to respond to her email but that I read it and Ill send a reply next week. Tell her sorry about the kidney stones and that I hope she gets better. Also tell Frances that I hope she gets better and that my prayers are with them both!!!!

Love you!

Elder Adam Robert Bushman
Happy Elders in the Dining Room!

And even more Happy Elders in the Dining Room!

YES! He did learn some household skills!!!

"Check out my desk?????? Hahaha!!! :)"

From Mom: Little stinker didn't say anything about Mother's Day so who knows? Considering we're going to be gone most of the day....it will be a stretch if we get to communicate with him.  

"Missionary work is not easy. It is the most demanding, the most compelling, the most exhausting, and yet, with it all, the most happy and most joyful work in all the world." - Ezra Taft Benson 

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