Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 5: The Lord will Prepare a Way for Me

(Photos Below)
Hello Family, 

Wow, there is much to tell!!!! First off, a special thing to everyone: (He wrote a note to each member of the family, but I'll leave that out).

So this week has been crazy. I got revoked as being district leader and was made zone leader for these last two weeks at the MTC. President said he really wanted me as one. Second, I am out of district 5 with all of the North Americans and am now in a district with ALL Latinos; just me, two Latin companions who don't speak English and no teachers that speak English. 

I was also moved from the MTC to Alcantara, an old Swedish home. They house missionaries here. It's cool but my whole world has been flipped upside down here. I am having to rely a ton on the Lord. I fasted for each one of you this week, every member of our family! I fasted for all of your needs. It was very powerful! Haha, down here there is a missionary who is seriously the Latin version of JongSu. HAHAH! So funny!!! So by next Tuesday, counting the weeks taken off of my service at the end, there are 2 months completely done of my mission. Crazy huh!!! Anyways, another thing, Elder Egg, Tyler Egg, is a missionary going to the North mission. He was a buddy of mine at BYU, lived across from me at Wyview. He is here at the MTC! Crazy. 

Well Satan has been working on me really hard, giving me bad feelings and depressing thoughts. I have really relied on the Lord to help me overcome all of these challenges. I've really received strength from him! I'm doing better than I was 4 days ago, I was pretty depressed because of the challenges. But the Lord knows me and I know him! Don't worry about me. Like Nephi, the Lord will prepare a way for me!
Love you all,

Elder Adam Bushman

His old district and teacher

His new housing - Alcantara - Gorgeous but COLD

Elder Bushman with his new companions - Elder Garcia and ??

Adam with Elder Bennett; good friends
From Mom: Yes, I was waiting all day for a letter yesterday. When it never came, I figured a change had been made. He says it is very cold in the house but he is warm at nights - thanks to the amazing sleeping bag he took down with him. I sent him a package...tracking showed it delivered on Friday, 5/10, but he doesn't have it. Hopefully, it's because he isn't living at the MTC anymore. I told him to go by there and pick it up. Miss this boy! He has a big load...pray for him and ALL the missionaries!!

"You may heal the sick, the blind may see by the power that you hold, but I want to say, brothers and sisters, you have done little in restoring sight to the blind as compared to that which you do when you bring the light of the gospel to the blind spiritually."  - Spencer W. Kimball

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