Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 8: I'm putting my trust in God


"The Lord is my light, then why should I fear??" Seriously, don't fear! :) 

Haha, I am having a great time down here, teaching, preaching, serving, and helping God's children down here in Santiago Chile. Here are some of my experiences:

First off, Spanish is still a struggle but I have kinda accepted the fact that I have been out in the field only 2 weeks and that I shouldn't know Spanish by now... I just need to work hard and be patient. But here is why it's hard. Down here in Chile they speak Spanish and another dialect called Castillano. They have different words and a slightly different way of saying stuff... That's super difficult. And only the old people speak it...and they are hard enough already to understand! Also, the young people speak what is called flaete, or gangster pretty much. They have different conjugations, phrases, and words. My comp is helping me learn it but it is still hard to understand! But I'm putting my trust in God...see 2 Nephi 4:34...

We got a reference the other day and checked it out. We went there and asked for the reference, a Nicole and Carolina. The person said she didn't know who we were talking about and we were about to leave, discouraged that the reference wasn't there, but then a girl passed by and was about to go into the house. Elder Frost asked her if she knew the reference...she said that she was Nicole!! What perfect timing! :) Anyways, she and her mom, Carolina, are interested in our message. We went back and taught Nicole the first half of the Restoration... We already have another appointment :) Whoot! 

So one of the things we love here are Berlines. They are a big bun sort of thing that is warm and sweet, with a cut in the middle and filled with cream or a carmel sort of thing called Manjar. They are also covered in powdered sugar...ugh!!! Love them! I'lll send photos!

I have been following some of Mark's missionary reminders and one of them is to read a chapter of Proverbs every day. I'm doing it and it is really cool! 

Well there's more to say but I got to go! Ill send the photos next time! LOVE YOU ALLL!

Elder Adam Bushman
PS: Hey mom! Sorry, we're probably gonna be emailing this late from now on... There's nothing I really need, just to say hello and tell you all about my experiences! Haha :) Say hello to everyone and tell them I miss them ... But I'm having a great time here :D Thanks MOM :) Man I love you!
Good luck on Trek MOM DAD and LIV and BEN! It will be fun and I know you guys will just love it! Be safe and send me a good letter in the pouch on your experience.
Tornado in Missouri, dad's place! Wow.... I am so relieved that he is safe and that all those he was with were as well... Just goes to show the Lord is looking out for us and that my family along with me are being blessed for being out here! Love you all! :)

Tell Liv congrats on the award! Wow! Whoot for her! :) (Young Womanhood Recognition)
I loved your fast mom and also your spiritual experience with PMG. I really have a testimony of extending commitments and we're putting it in practice with numerous investigators :)

Say hello to everyone, LOVE YOU :)

Elder Adam Bushman
"If the Holy Ghost does not bear witness to the things we say, we cannot and we will not be successful in our missionary work." - Harold B. Lee

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