Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 9: It's Personal, so Take the Time!

Hello Family and Friends,

The week has been good! I've been having some really, really good personal studies of late where I have learned a ton and gotten some good stuff that I can apply to my life! I love the personal study time. I used to think that 10 minutes was sufficient for some one hour isn't enough, AH, when 10 o'clock hits I just groan because I am right in the middle of some really, really good stuff. Take your personal study more seriously, it's personal, so take the time! 

We have an investigator with a baptismal date, her name is Rubi. She is timid and shy and really insecure, but it really helps to have some friends of hers there. The two boys and their mom who are her friends are really helpful. The older brother, David, is an RM and is super, duper helpful at explaining things from a different perspective that help her understand. The youngest boy has been inactive with his mom for a while, but since teaching Rubi has gone back to church and talked to the Bishop about a mission. He is preparing to leave in February! Anyways, all three of them came to church. We talked with Rubi after and she said how much she loved it and loved her feelings. She said it was way better than she thought and she is excited to come back next week. She also got a "Teachings of the Prophet Lorenzo Snow" book from sunday school. She held it up to us and said, "I gotta head home and study for next week!" We have a date with her for the 23rd! I am confident that she will be ready!!!

Spanish is coming...I hope! Ha, but no worries, I'm doing great and Elder Frost is helping me a lot :) Elder Frost and I are so much alike and it is so awesome to find our differences and likes. We are even starting to talk and make some of the same jokes. It is hilarious. I'm kinda sad because we might not be together long and when he leaves I will have to lead the sector, meaning help the new comp who comes in to know what's up and who everyone is and things like that. I'm scared for that to happen.

The other guys in our room are pretty cool, Elder Cuadros (Peru) and Elder Pagalo (Ecuador). They talk fast and use a lot of slang, but they are chill with me and fairly patient. 

We played soccer today for our Zone activity. Way fun, because it was on a professional sized field with real soccer turf. I felt like I did pretty good and my and Elder Frost's team won. My legs are killing me... But it was way fun and I have some photos. Right now the stupid computer wont bring up my photos...UGH! Anyways, you'll have to wait yet another week to get some, ugh, I am so sorry! :S 

Well that's the jist of the week. Things are going good. Patience with the language is probably my biggest fault. Haha :) But I am trying!

Anyways, love you all and thanks for your support and encouragement to me :)


Elder Adam Bushman
PS - Wow, sounds like things are freaking AWESOME THERE!....Sorry, not as awesome as things down here :) 
Photos Below are Courtesy of Elder Frost's Family:
Rain gotcha down?

Looks like he is gaining some weight! :)

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Yes that is me! And those are boots that were just lying around our pention ever since Elder Frost has been there...which is almost 8 months...they fit so he said to take them! Like the photo???? Put it on my blog"

This is Elder Frost with a Berline - Adam talked about these in his last letter.
 “Each of us, whatever our talents, has service to give. And to do it well always involves learning, not once or for a limited time, but continually.” 
–Henry B. Eyring

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  1. Hello Elder Adam: You may remember me from the Atlanta Airport. I see that you are very busy and apparently enjoying your stay in Chile. I wanted to wish you all the best, and I hope that you are being fulfilled in your missionary work. I hope also that you are making every effort to learn Spanish well-remember to roll your "r's" and pronounce the vowels only one way-it is easier than English!By the way, my best friend lives in the little street behind the Mormon Temple(and training center? school?)
    I was very impressed with your dedication and the fact that you were already doing missionary work with me( although I am way too hard a bone to chew). Good luck! Daniel V. Schidlow, MD. Dean, Drexel University College of Medicine