Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 11: I'm "Catching the Wave"

Dear Family and Friends,

Here's just a few things about this past week:

We had a big broadcast last night (Sunday) for missionaries and ward members. I learned so much and was so invigorated throughout the meeting. My companion and I, along with the other missionaries in our pension, were so pumped to go back to our ward and begin to turn everything around, work with members, strengthen the ward, bring back the less actives, and bring to the fold new sheep. The videos were just fantastic. I'm seriously just getting the mission fever, or, as Elder Russell M. Nelson would say, I'm "Catching the Wave." 

Next, we had our Zone Conference... Wow, can you say LONG... It started at 9:00 a.m. and ended a little after 4:00 p.m. Yeah, it was an eternity. However, I learned so much and felt the spirit so strong. I realized we need to do a better job of working with the ward leaders and helping the members to be involved. I learned a ton about the importance of the temple and how we as missionaries are to point the investigators to the covenant of baptism first and then, once baptized, we point them to the covenants in the temple. Really neat! :D 

Two nights ago, on Saturday, we had a crazy experience. Our investigator hadn't come to church last week. She made up an excuse and we knew it. We taught her the following Saturday and I could tell that something was up, she was different, strange. Anyways, she kept saying she was fine so we just took her word for it. About 20 min. into the lesson she finally told us about her concern. We put aside the lesson we were going to teach and began to teach her and show her the things she needed to hear at that time. It was a real testimony to me of the power and necessity of teaching the people and not the lessons. Anyways, we resolved her concern and helped her to see the importance of praying, reading the scriptures, and coming to church. She felt much better afterward. The next day we waited for her at church and she came. It was awesome! We talked to her afterwards and she told us how great she felt. She told us that she could have come the previous time but she made up an excuse. She now understands and has a testimony of the power of church. Her baptism is this Sunday...I'll send photos of it later!

One funny experience was when we were over at these people's house, David and Cristian Tani. They are two really cool brothers. We were talking to David, an RM and 23, and then all the sudden, Elder Frost grabbed my leg, then I grabbed his back and we started like ... IDK ... wrestling/fighting ... Anyways, that went on for a bit and then we looked up at David and his face was just shocked. Then he pulled out his phone and said, "Ustedes pueden continuar si quieran." or, "You guys can continue if you want." Then we all burst out laughing! Haha, he is really chill! 
(Haha, yeah it was way random and funny. That's just kinda how Elder Frost and I role! We are so alike. All the time we'll be talking about something and one of us will say something exactly the way the other was about to say it... It's weird, cool, and funny! :) hahaha!)

Anyways, glad Anna is safe...tell her to stop going all freaky! :S 

Those are the biggest things that happened this week! I'm really glad the Father's Day program was a big success. I'm sad I missed it and everything that happened but I'm glad it has all been fantastic. Give my best to everyone and tell them I miss them! :) Way to go on getting more involved with the missionaries. Honestly, that is the most irksome thing when members just aren't willing to help in the processes of conversion and retention. Thank you for your great example!!! 

Tell Layna Haymond congrats on the mission call! Haha, there are two places that speak the fastest spanish in the world: some parts of Spain and Chile. In chile, Concepcion speaks the fastest spanish! Tell her good luck and everything :)  Also, two weeks ago I sent Nicole a letter, let her know it is on the way! And yes mom, you can send photos printed on a page through the pouch :)
The thing about the letters through the pouch is they usually take about 3-4 weeks. I just got the ones from Anna and John and Nicole and You :) No, keep them long, that's fine with me :) :) :) 

We don't work with any couples, THE BROADCAST WAS AWESOME, had to watch it in spanish but oh well... :) Super excited to better this ward! No, the food is okay...we just don't eat much... Usually no breakfast or dinner, just a huge lunch. Not sure if that is healthy or not.

Love you all!

Elder Adam Robert Bushman

From Mom:  It was a weird Monday! I heard from Elder B. at 10:40 AM when he responded to some photos and email I sent. However, we didn't receive his letter until three hours later. I thought he wasn't going to write but then he told me that they worked online for 45 minutes, took a break, and came back for another 45. He had me worried there for a bit! That is the caption he told me to put with the photo. He also sent me a long list of things he could use for his birthday. Yes, it's still two months away but I need to get it out mid-July so he for sure gets it on time. His second item was Swiss Rolls and Oatmeal Cream Pies...funny!! That would be a good angle for Little Debbie advertising - LDS Missionary requests Little Debbie snacks for his birthday - second item on the list. First item was more scripture marking pencils. Love Mondays and getting to "talk" with him each week. It truly is a blessing! 

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