Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 18: Three investigators came; it was AWESOME!

Dear Family and Friends! 

I'm quickly running out of time to email, so let me highlight the week for you.

The first part of the week stunk or how we would say here, "Fome." Anyways, the last part of the week picked up and we were able to teach some more and help out some less actives and investigators. Anyways, our highlight was at Church when three investigators came. It was AWESOME! One kid whom we went to pick up, "forgot" and we ended up waking him up. He came out saying he was tired and that he couldn't come because he forgot. We told him we were tired too, but that he said he would come, so he had to come. He went inside, got dressed, and came with us. When he left church, he said that he didn't want to go at the start but now he felt good, he had a desire to go more, and that he is excited for his upcoming baptism. That was amazing!!!

This week we had to make my Carnet run, or apply for my Visa and Chile identification card. We had to wake up at 4 a.m. and go to a Metro Station called Plaza de Armas in order to get it. We were standing in lines forever, talking to TONS of people, waiting in the cold and standing in lines that weren't moving at all. The only thing worse than government lines in America are government lines in Chile. Anyways, we got back at about 2:30 and went to lunch and then just got right to work. I was so dead by the end of the day and when I woke up the next morning, I felt just as tired as when I went to bed. My comp always says that from the start of your mission to the end of your life you'll be deprived of sleep, so we should all just get used to it.

The rest of the week was decent. We had changes today but everyone in my sector is staying, so there's nothing new. I'm excited Elder Frost is still here with me, it'll be fun :) We've been together almost 3 months! :) The only crazy thing is that the sector next to mine, "Las Viñas" is getting whitewashed, meaning that all of the missionaries are being replaced with other missionaries. Four new Sister Missionaries are going to replace them, so that should be good. Things haven't really been progressing in that sector for a while. Anyways, that's pretty much the only new thing about this change.
The mail hasn't started yet. I am pretty sure that the pouch has to go through the Chile Mail system just to get into Chile, but I'm not sure. I didn't get Susie's package yet. I did open y'alls package! It's awesome, I haven't cheated so don't worry :) hahaha! Thanks so much!!! Nope, nobody opened it. Good on ya for putting those photos on the package :D Nobody will open the package if you keep that up!! (photos of the Savior and Mary - I tried attaching them to the outside of the package this time and it wasn't even opened by customs)

Good on ya Suz!!! :) Haha, that is the worst thing ever, ugh!!! (people flaking when doing member missionary work)

Very good with the ward! That is awesome! :) The most important thing for the youth to come back is to see the other youth making an effort. When the youth show real excitement about Mutual and activities and church and show that their group isn't complete without the other person, it is really powerful.
Thanks so much mom, you are the best! Even though I'm 7,000 miles away from you, I STILL need all of your help and wisdom :) (helping with his sore feet - the doTerra oils are helping!)
Anyways, my birthday is coming up and I'm getting really excited! We're going to do some really sweet stuff! I'll send lots of photos next week and a bigger email. Take care everyone!


Elder Adam Bushman
"We have a mission in the world: each man, each woman, each child who has grown to understanding or to the years of accountability, ought to be qualified to preach the truth, to bear testimony of the truth." - Joseph F. Smith

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