Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 17: They've Returned to Complete Activity in the Church

Dear Family and Friends,

"How sweet it is to...HAVE P-DAY!" :) Hahahaha!!! I love P-day, just so I can talk to you all and get some cool communication. It's really neat! 

Anyways, first, a shout-out to my companion, Elder Frost! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D His birthday was this last Saturday, August 3rd, and boy did we have fun. First off, at 12:00 a.m. I jumped on his bed and started singing happy birthday (he was still awake mind you). Elder Cuadros and Elder Pagalo came it and started singing and having fun with Elder Frost. My comp finally broke down and opened up all of his presents. We even lit candles and blew them out over some brownies he got. We went to the temple and did a session together early that morning. It was really, really neat! :) Just really fun! We had a cake at a members house later that day, then went to another member's place for a surprise dinner and cake. We even did a Peruvian tradition where they crack three eggs on top of the birthday boy's head with flour. Haha, fun stuff :) I love that Peruvian family! We went to the mall today and I bought Elder Frost some sweet socks for his birthday (he wanted those socks so it was a good gift!).

That was the big thing for the week!! The other good things that have happened is that we've reactivated about 5 families/people over the past 2-3 weeks. They've returned to complete activity in the church. Now we are just strengthening them! The only part that I don't like is that people think that sacrament meeting is the only important part. We're trying to change that, so hopefully!!

So about Spanish... At times I think I am doing terrible... At other times I think I am doing pretty good... Honestly I don't know. Elder Frost says I can speak and understand better than he could when he had the same time in the mission (and he had a Chilean companion as a trainer). Our Peruvian friend, David, says I speak very well and says that I should really take off and get good this next change. Other members have complimented me on my Spanish and our Zone Leaders said they were talking about how good I am with so little time in the mission. So I believe I am doing good but I don't want to just be good, I want to be really good. It's hard to have patience with myself. But, I'm trying and trying and trying!! :)

This weekend is changes and we don't know who will stay or who will go or if we'll both stay or if we'll both go. So, we'll just have to see. I'm actually just going to accept whatever. If Elder Frost stays here, I'll be really happy and excited for another change with him and the opportunity to be together for his year mark and for my b-day! If I get a new companion, I hope he is a latino so I can get better at Spanish. Anyways, come what may :)

One cool thing I have learned out here is a scripture from 3 Nephi 14. Christ talks about prayer and how it is a commandment to ask for things from our Father in Heaven. He likens it unto gifts. He says that nobody would give their child a stone if they asked for a bread. That would be stupid and horrible. Also, nobody would give their child a serpent if they asked for a fish. That's just cruel and wouldn't make sense. So now if we, imperfect human beings, know how to give good, rational, beautiful gifts to our children when they ask for them, how much more is God, a perfect, immortal being, willing to give us amazing gifts and bless us when we just need the faith to ask. NEVER be afraid to ask... :) It's a commandment!

I'm a little worried because the Chilean Mail system is closing down. They are going on strike... Don't know when they will reopen, when I will get mail next, nothing... They shut down on Tuesday until they get stuff sorted out :S
Well, I am glad everyone is safe and doing well! Take care, study the scriptures, improve your prayers, and never look for an excuse to get out of Church...ALWAYS look for the excuses to go and participate :)

Love you all!

Elder Adam Robert Bushman

Happy Birthday, Elder!


 "Our Peruvian Buddy"  with Elder Bushman


"Each of us is responsible to bear witness of the gospel truths that we have been given. We all have relatives, neighbors, friends, and fellow workmen, and it is our responsibility to pass the truths of the gospel on to them, by example as well as by precept"  - Spencer W. Kimball

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