Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 19: The Most Successful Week

Dear Fam Fam and Friends,

Well, first off, thank you ALL so much for all of the wonderful things you have given me, all of the love and support you have shown me on my BIRTHDAY :) It truly has been probably the most different birthday ever, but also one of the best. Thank you so much. Here's a little bit about my day:

Last night I was in bed, probably a couple seconds away from really drifting off and going to sleep for good that night, when all of the sudden, Elder Frost jumped on me as I lay in my bed and started singing Happy Birthday, then, Elder Cuadros and Elder Pagalo came in and jumped on me too and started to sing, Feliz Cumpleaños. Haha, it was way cool! Then, Elder Cuadros asked me if I was going to open my gifts, and I said in the morning, then they all said, "Yaaaa, po! Vamos!" Haha, so I jumped out of bed and we opened my stuff and had treats and listened to music (obviously appropriate music) and had a ball! It was sweet! I went to bed and the next morning I enjoyed some more of my presents, read some more of my letters, and listened to more music.

As for the gifts, I received some amazing gifts (I'll say the Spanish word in parenthesis): I received a wonderful new watch (reloj), a new journal (diario), a bunch of new pens (lápices), scripture marking pencils (lápiz de marcar), an iPod to play church music (iPod), a speaker to play music (parlante), treats (dulces), etc. It was fantastic!!! I also hung the banner up on my wall in our apartment! It's awesome!!!! 

Elder Frost and I studied a bit then took off for the mall. I got a Colo Colo jersey at the mall and Elder Frost got one too and a Chilean National practice jersey.  I'm grateful for the jersey as it symbolizes sacrifices from my friends, family, and myself so it's cool :) I'll send a photo of the jersey next week, yeah?

This week has probably been the most successful week of Elder Frost and my companionship. We got some great numbers and helped a ton of people. One lady we are preparing for baptism said that she cannot give up coffee, that she is "forced to drink it" and that her "hands are tied." We bore powerful testimony and committed her to give it up last Monday. We talked to her during the week and at church yesterday. She hasn't had coffee since that night :) AWESOME HUH!!! Tonight we have an appointment with her and we are going to set a baptismal date! :)

Thanks so much for everything! Thanks Dad, Mom, Nicole, Eden, Olivia, Ben, Spencer, Bethany, John, Anna, and the rest of my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and friends for everything you do, all your support, all your donations, and everything you do for me! I'm making you guys proud out here by working hard and being obedient!!! :) I love you all, until next week!


Elder Adam Bushman

From Mom: So we got to chat a bit back and forth. Here are some of his responses...

"Hey mom!!! :) How are you doing? Haha, thanks so much for everything! Thanks so much for the package, wonderful gifts, and letters :D YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!!! WOW, thanks so much mom for the collages! I've changed a lot! :) Thank you for making all of those photos and colloges and everything!! It's realy cool to roll down memory lane a bit!!!"

We partied it up for his birthday....a lunch BBQ and pie for dessert. We even lit candles and sang Happy Birthday to him. Yes, we miss him but we're happy he's in Chile!

Birthday Wishes and photos of the past on the post below....

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