Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 26: Elder Jeffrey R. Holland is Coming to Our Mission

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow, what...a...week! :) Haha, it has been absolutely crazy out here; this last week was probably one of the biggest and busiest weeks I've ever had out here in the mission. I got a lot to tell and a short amount of time so let's just get started!!! :)

On Wednesday we had our Zone Class where the whole Zone (my zone La Reina) gets together in one room and the Zone Leaders direct a 3 to 3 1/2 hour class on what the Mission President wants us to know! Anyways, it was fantastic! There were lots and lots and lots of things that I need to work on, which is good because that means there is a lot for me to do and get my focus on! Anyways, one of the biggest announcements is that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland is coming to our mission NEXT MONTH! AHHHHH!!!!! :) I'm so dang excited, haha, he is going to be such an inspiration to us and I'm so excited to hear what he has to say and what we as a mission and missionaries personally can do BETTER :D I'll keep you all updated!

Thursday was Elder Kern and I's first training meeting, where all of the trainers and trainees go to the stake center and meet with the president, his wife, and the assistants. Anyways, it was really awesome! Yet again I learned a lot of cool stuff, lots of really neat things that I can apply personally. One of the coolest things I learned is how important the Area Book we have is. Everything they said I had already heard before but this time I think it meant more because now I am a senior companion, I'm training, and the Spirit really told me that I need to improve in this category! I'm really really stoked to work on this with Elder Kern and get better :) We're going to see miracles! 

Friday we woke up at the crack of dawn to go and get my Carnet (or my Chilean ID card for my Visa). Technically without it you're kind of illegal...if a Carabinero (the Chilean police) stopped me and asked me for my card and I didn't have it, I'd probably be held for a while until the mission could prove that I had done all the paper work. Anyways, we woke up way early to go and get it. I had previously put the paper I needed in a book, in my bag the previous night to keep it safe and to make sure I wouldn't forget it the next morning. Well, the next morning I saw my bag and I thought, "I don't need all of this stuff, I'll take some out!" So, without remembering what I did the night before, I took the book out and set it on my desk, skipping off to the Civil Registry...without my precious paper. Well, as I was going into the Civil Registry I realized that I left it. Boy was I upset with myself. I went ALL the way there in vain and now I have to go this Thursday AGAIN to get my Carnet... Man, I need my dear, sweet mother to remind me about this stuff!!! :)

Saturday and Sunday were freaking AMAZING! We went to the church in La Reina, our stake center. It was awesome because in between sessions, we didn't go home because it would take about 45 minutes to get there and then 45 minutes to get back so it didn't make a bit of sense. Anyways, we got all caught up with the After Conference Report (lovve it!) and conference was just spectacular. A few thoughts related to the speakers I liked: Elder Bednar (tithing is essential and if we want the blessings, it is key to pay tithing. To gain a testimony of tithing is to live the law and THEN see the blessings. In Moroni 7, Moroni talks about miracles and how miracles aren't done until the children of men show forth their faith FIRST!), Elder Ballard (the missionary work is more essential from the perspective of the members than from the missionaries themselves. In order to expand the missionary work even further than what has been down by the youth in receiving calls, we as MEMBERS must raise the bar to a higher level)...those were my two favorite talks I believe :) Really neat! We invited a bunch of investigators, none of them came. :( 

The new companion is fantastic, he's just a fireball...a little shaky on the language side of the missionary work but he'll catch on quick as a cat :) He's awesome and he supports me a lot!!!
As for the investigators, I wrote in my journal that I feel a little stuck right now. I'm trying to do everything that I can to help investigators progress towards baptism but they just won't come to church. I finally figured out that what we need to do is just work on FINDING...finding, finding, finding! :) Hopefully it works out!

That's all for this week; love you all!

Elder Adam Bushman
Elder Bushman with his new comp, Elder Kern
Elder Kern

Elder Bushman showing his goofy side with Lois Waves
 “We should always embark in a good cause.”
. . . . . . . . ~ Elder Edward Dube

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