Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 27: We are Going to Invite her to Take the Lessons

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was another crazy week, I'll just start right in:

First thing is first, I am no longer in the ward fact, that ward doesn't even exist anymore and neither does the ward right next to it called Las Viñas. Yesterday, the Stake President announced that the ward limits of both wards would change; the bottom sections of both wards will become a ward and the top sections of each ward will become another one. It was a HUGE shocker! I couldn't believe it! I was expecting an announcement of different limits but not a change this big!... What's going to happen now is that Elder Kern and I, along with a pair of sister missionaries, Hermana Valencia and Hermana Volkert, are going to be in the bottom ward named Violeta Casiño... Elder Pagalo and Elder Lee, along with the remaining sister missionaries, will be in the top ward now called Alvaro Casanova. All the Elders will still live together and so will all of the Sisters; now we just are in different wards. The good thing is that now we have a bigger primary, bigger elders quorum, and more youth...which was SORELY needed! :) Hopefully now with a new bishopric, new relief society presidency, elders quorum presidency, etc., the missionary work will move even quicker and more effectively :D So that's the biggest news up until now...

One cool little experience: there's a family in my ward named the C. family. One of there sons, B. (18 years old) is preparing for a mission but is also dating this girl...a non-member. She began to comment to Hermana C. about her desire to wait for B. when he goes on his mission and then marry him when he gets back. After that, Hermana C told her that if she wanted to continue dating her son she would have to come to church with the she accepted. Yesterday she was at church and she came with my companion and I into the Principles of the Gospel class. She commented, read scriptures, and participated pleasantly. If was fantastic! Turns out she lives a few houses down from the C´s so I asked Hermana C if this girl liked church and she said she liked it a lot and agreed to go next week. So Hermana C and I set up a FHE for this Thursday and we're going to invite this girl. At the FHE, we will show the Restoration video and have a small testimony meeting and at the end we are going to invite her to take the lessons. I'm really, really excited :) 

Right now we are trying to find more investigators so that is tough... But things are going great! We're excited to work in a new ward and she how it turns out! :) Love you all, take care!

Elder Adam Bushman
"It will be your privilege to serve two years as a missionary with an eye single to glorify God and build His kingdom. During that time, Christ will refine your spirit. He will mold your character and plant in your heart the principles that will permit you to live in righteousness and joy in this life and for eternity.

You might think that you will sacrifice much to leave your family, your education, and your comfortable life. Others might complain that missionary life is rigorous. The thousands who have served will testify to you that when you count your blessings, sacrifice does not exist." - Carlos H. Amado

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