Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yr. 2, Week 2: 17 Cookies and 2 Liters of Chocolate Milk

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, conference was downright amazing!!! :) I loved every, single talk and I was just so inspired, especially by the talks from the priesthood session and from saturday!! :) I had brought two questions to conference and both were answered during the five sessions. I loved Randall L. Ridd's talk from the priesthood session. He talked a lot about how we need to use the internet for good. There were many things that he said in the talk that I want to implement when I go home. Henry B. Eyring's talk from the priesthood session was outstanding. He talked about being an example of priesthood heroes. I was really impacted and I want to be someone's hero of priesthood service and worthiness :) Our plans for General Conference went great! We made about 70 cookies and divided them up between us four in the pension. I ate like 17 cookies and drank two liters of chocolate milk myself to finish off saturday. Sunday rolled around and the gringo family in our ward made us four 24 cinnamon rolls!!! It was pretty fetchin' awesome and we still have some left :D YES!!! Conference was amazing and I'm sad to think that I only have one left in the mission...I'll be home two in a half weeks before next year's April Conference.

So we saw L. this week. It has been quite up and down for him lately. He is reading the BofM a lot and praying every day. He also accepted our baptismal invitation but was sick so he didn't go to conference. Also, he said he might move back down to the south of Chile because things aren't going too well up here. We are going to be having a FHE tonight with the N. family, so hopefully everything goes well there and he will stay in Santiago and progress...if that's the Lord's will :)
So here in Chile, the men shake hands, give a hug, and then shake hands again. I'm so accustomed to it that it is COMPLETELY automatic. Also, the women give eachother kisses/hugs, and people of the opposite sex give eachother a kiss...it's REALLY awkward when a woman who doesn't know the mission rules comes in for a kiss and we just stick out our hand... :) HAHAHA!!!!!
Well, that's about it for the week! Chao!!! Love ya!!!
Elder Bushman

“You’ve prepared for this for millennia.
This is your moment to perform.
This is your four minutes!
The time is now!” . . . . . ~ Pr. Bishop Gary E. Stevenson

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