Monday, April 28, 2014

Yr. 2, Week 5: He Mimics my "Swoosh"

Dear Family and Friends,

Well here is a little bit about my comp and my new sector. My companion is a good worker! He has a lot of skills in teaching, talking to people, and being people's friend. He has taught me a lot up until now. He works hard and is almost completely obedient. I also have a good bud in the pension: Elder Vorwaller. He came with Elder Kern to the mission and is a really cool guy. He is way into music and so we talk a lot about that :D So my new sector is big, we do a lot of walking. There are lots of really good members. Our ward mission leader is a guy who just got back from his mission like a month and a half ago. He is GREAT! His name is F. D. is also a returned missionary who will drop anything at any time to go out with us. He says he sometimes feels bad because he's using us to relive his mission!!! The bishop is pretty cool! He went to Mt. Timp temple during conference weekend so we had fun chatting about Utah. He's WAY funny! We live in a 36 story apartment building ... we are pretty high up and I can see out over all of La Florida... before going to bed, after praying, I sit on my bed and look out the window at the city. We have a lot of good members there and I really like working with them. We have several investigators soon to be baptized so I am stoked about that :) I talk about that in a second. Elder Kern is doing really well back in our old sector. He is training an Elder Prens from Colombia and he really likes him. He said that the M. family and the A. family both went to the ward activity this past week and LOVED it!!! He said they stayed there until real late and socialized with so many of the members :D I thought it was awesome!!! 

So here are the two most important investigator families that we are working with right now: the G. family and D. The G. family is a part member family we found on monday. The dad is a member, RM, high priest and his two oldest kids are members but his two youngest kids aren't. We reactivated them this Sunday and the dad commited to preparing himself to baptize his two youngest kids. We are having an FHE tonight with them!!! D. is a young mom about 26 years old with her two kids. She is single and works a lot but she is a step away from baptism. She has come a long way from what I have heard and her kids are just AWESOME! The boy tries to mimic my hairdo...when we go over he runs into the bathroom, wets down his hair, and mimics my swoosh, running is hand through the front part of his hair!!! :D AWESOME!!!

That's pretty much the week! I'm stoked to be here :) Love you all!!!

Elder Bushman
"We have come to this earth upon a mission; that we may have power to go forth and warn the nations of the earth. As elders of Israel, very few of us fully comprehend our position, our calling, our relationship to God, our responsibility, our work the Lord requires at our hands." -Wilford Woodruff

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