Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yr. 2 - Week 15: He Says he Wants to Join our "Congregation"

Dear Family and Friends,

Just a quick email here:

We found a new investigator: J. He is about 75 years old but he's really awesome. We found him while visiting with a less active member. He is really interested in the BofM and the priesthood, and everything. He has lots of questions about the sealing ordinance in the temple. His wife passed away 9 years ago. We invited him to church and he accepted. He went for all three hours, loved the principles of the gospel class. He sat with a member all 3 hours and even went to the high priest class :) We have a visit with him and the L. family tonight so we are really excited. He says he wants to join our "congregation" :) Maybe we'll set a baptismal date tonight as well! 

The other day we walked and walked and walked. Literally we didn't enter a single house. We had a lesson in the street but it was just pure walking. At about 9:45 we were close to our pension and we probably could've just gone in early and called it a day but we decided to go yet another step. We went to another person's house...not there so we went home and on the way we passed by this college student who was selling burgers. He handed us one each and said, "A gift for you guys." It was really awesome, a tender mercy! :) We took it as a sign that God was pleased with the work we did that day!!! 

Happy birthday to Dad! Elder Vorwaller and I woke up on the 4th by singing the Star Spangled Banner and saying the pledge of allegiance. It was awesome! I felt so patriotic and proud to be an American! :) I was thinking about all the BBQ's and the fireworks and the sports and everything; it made me a little homesick but oh well :D Haha! 

Anyways, that's pretty much it! :) Thanks for everything! BYE! :D

Elder Bushman
**Photos from the service project last week

"Even a tiny seed of faith in Jesus Christ invites the Spirit."
~ Henry B. Eyring

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