Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Yr 2 - Week 14: Joseph in Egypt...He's a Beast!

Life in Chile is going well. It's really cold here and my feet especially have been very cold of late. Everybody is sad because Chile has been knocked out of the World Cup. They almost beat Brazil like 4 times but stroke after stroke of bad luck did them in. At least America is still going :D We've had a lot of good lunches this week and I feel hungry all the time. I love sopaipillas...I love pastel de choclo...I love mayo and ketchup. I love eating!

This week I've been studying about Joseph in Egypt. He's a beast! I love him. He and Nephi are literally my scripture heroes. :D I've been studying his story, marking personal applications and connections to the life of Jesus Christ. :D These last few months I think I have gotten a lot more tuned into the gospel. I've been having great studies and I'm more converted to the scriptures. I find a lot of strength in the stories that they contain. Also, I'm learning more about Christ's life which is helping me grow spiritually. I've become more like Christ in many aspects. Sometimes I feel inmature (in the sense that I act really silly) but I suppose in many other senses I'm A LOT more mature. Elder Frost is doing great! He's still a ZL up in the rich sector and yes he's going to head home in November. Elder Kern is making me proud! He's leading our old sector like a beast and is just doing a great job. I would love to be in his same zone in a few changes :D I still like Basketball more than Soccer but it's literally just barely. It'll never change but I really like Soccer!

Yesterday we met with the family we found last week. We had a great lesson with them last night about the Restoration. They've commited to reading and praying as a family. We have a return appointment for this Thursday. They are really cool people and are really interested about the temple! We need to go by with members and encourage them to go to church. I really hope they get baptized! Seriously, they are a perfect family for the church! 

J.G. (the oldest boy) got ordained a teacher yesterday. He is going to go to church early every sunday to help out with the sacrament and everything. 

Here are some photos of the service project we did the other day for some recent converts. It brought back a ton of memories of mowing lawns :) Also, mom, this pen I took a photo of is a scripture marking pencil they sell at DESERET BOOK. The brand is PENTEL. The markers you sent me are great but a few of them have broken in half as I use them. Anyways, if you could send me one it would be awesome!!! :D

Well that's everything! Bye!

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