Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yr 2 - Week 16: I got Changed

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, for starters, this has been a really, really crazy week. Full  of changes and new things and great experiences :) So first things first...I got changed. I'm no longer in La Florida 3 but in a new stake called Gabriela. I'm really excited and my new companion is great, Elder Thomas. He is from West Jordan, Utah. He's got about 20 months in the mission and he's great. I'm excited to be with him and to learn from him, especially since he's got more time than me in the mission. Anyways, more to come about my new sector shortly. 

J. (even though I'm not there) is doing VERY well. He went to church this last Sunday as well and brought along his less-active friend, I. We had a FHE with him and the L family this last week and it was great. We showed the Restoration and used the whole family to help us teach. We also have visited with him several other times this week with other members who have helped us help him to understand better the Book of Mormon,. He's been reading faithfully and believes that it is true. He also accepted a baptismal date for the 3rd of August. Elder Muzante and his new companion will be having a FHE with him and the C. family tonight. The other families that we were teaching weren't progressing very well because we couldn't visit with them. They weren't home or they had to cancel. But it's all good because J. is doing great and there is another guy named H. who should be starting to progress nicely. :D We focused a lot on the Book of Mormon with him. 

This week Elder Muzante and I were focusing a lot on eternal families and God's love and things. I read a scripture in Romans 8, the last few verses that talked about how nothing can hide us from God's love. I thought about that as my companion and I had big discussions about the spirit world. I've just been reflecting a lot on how we can literally seal (we have to think about the word literally and compare it to other things) our families together. Anyways, I've been edified thinking that we can be eternal families by following the gospel of Jesus Christ, making covenants by priesthood power. Also, in Malachai 4 I think, verse 7 it talks about how Christ will come back to us as we come back to him BY MAKING (RENEWING) COVENANTS... Interesting! :D

I saw a miracle while Elder Lloyd and I were on divisions. We were visiting some people but they weren't home and our backup plans failed as well. We were trying to figure out where to go and, I wouldn't have said at the time that I was guided, but now I can say that we were guided to talk with a certain woman. Later on we knocked on a less-active's door, wasn't home but we were guided to knock the next door neighbors house. Both are future investigators and I'm not sure if they are going to end up getting baptized, but it was a little miracle :) 

Love you all, that's all for this week!!!

Elder Bushman

My new comp - Elder Thomas
"I wish to invite members of the Church to consider anew the great mandate given by the Lord to all who desire to be known as his disciples. It is a mandate we cannot dodge, and one from which we cannot shrink. That mandate is to teach the gospel to the nations and peoples of the earth." - Gordon B. Hinckley

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