Monday, October 27, 2014

Yr. 2, Week 31: They Accepted

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope everything is going well for everybody! Things are going absolutely fantastic here in Chile, in Puente Alto and in Gabriela. My companion and I are loving it here and we are having lots of fun and working really hard. Right now E’ Laurentino is sick… Yesterday he woke up with a bad sore throat and stuffy nose…pretty much the stuff I had. So I did what you said mom and I told him to gargle with OnGuard and Lemon (I’m not sure if I should have or should not have put the Lemon in there but I did anyway). He did that all Sunday and then I gave him a blessing and we went to sleep. This morning he woke up and he didn’t even have a sore throat. He still has some congestion and he feels a bit light headed but he’s on his way to recovery. That was a cool miracle :D We celebrated Elder Nelson’s birthday today; you can see some of the photos below. It was pretty fun. As we were eating cake he and I were just dying of laughter as we talked about comedy routines and stuff. He’s a real fun guy and I love him a lot! I’m so glad we are rooming together and I wish we could finish the mission in the same pension but he’ll almost for sure be leaving in a change or two.

So a little bit about our investigators:

C. and Y.:
     This is the family that was about to receive a baby but she was in the hospital, that one. So, two weeks ago in ward council, I told H' S. (president of the relief society) and H' N. (president of the primary) about Y. in the hospital and they visited her. Our next door neighbor P. (1st counsellor in the stake presidency and H’ S's husband) went with us to visit C. last Sunday like I told you guys. This week Y had her baby at 6 1/2 months. The baby was in the intensive care unit and had a 50/50 chance to live. They were hysterical but they kept praying and doing all they can. Right now the baby doesn’t need any oxygen support, it’s gaining weight, etc; ALL GOOD SIGNS. At this point the baby is almost sure to live and be healthy. The S. family is helping us out a ton with them, even going with us yesterday for a visit. We had a sick lesson! C. is 100% believing in God and has actually been helping his family read the BofM and pray. Y. is doing AMAZING and wants to start participating in the church a ton. C. (and their daughter B.) are gonna get baptized in a few months, just wait and see :D

M. and O.:
     These are two investigators that Elder Thomas and Elder Hill found. They are great friends of P. and R. and everything, they just don’t have much time. But this week, Elder Laurentino and I felt like we should focus on them. We had a really cool lesson with a member and we invited them to start reading the BofM and praying. We invited them to be baptized and to start preparing for the 23rd of November. They accepted :) We are working hard with them. M., the daughter, is changing like crazy, it's awesome! She went to church yesterday with P’s family and is going to be participating in the stake youth activity this week. Anyways, we are so stoked for them. L., the dad, and B., the little son, are tough. B. is always playing soccer on Sundays so that’s tough and L. says he doesn’t believe in God. But, step by step =)

G. Family:
     We visited the family this week with a member and it was super good! C. has such a desire to be baptized and learn. She kept asking questions during the lesson on the Plan of Salvation. For example, she asked: “So if we didn’t have a body before coming to earth, does that mean when we die that we will go back to Heavenly Father as spirits?” Sick question :) C., the mom, is understanding a ton and becoming much more receptive. We just need a REALLY good family to friendship them. The dad, P., and C., the daughter, went to church yesterday. They loved it, they had a really good time and lots of the members were talking to P. and he participated and everything! Super awesome!  They also said they are going to come next week. Now we just gotta get the wife and son to come to church. But we are working on that!  

P. and R. G:
     Yesterday we had a really good lesson with a member in which we taught about the scriptures helping us learn and follow the gospel. We invited R. to pray and read the BofM and to start preparing for her baptism. She accepted the invitation and accepted the invitation to prepare for her baptism on the 28 of December, the day after her wedding. We are stoked that finally she has a date and can start preparing for it :D

Well, that's pretty much it for this week! Take care guys, love you!

Elder Bushman

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