Monday, November 3, 2014

Yr 2, Week 32: "I'm Mormon, What Up?"

Dear Friends and Family,

Wow, things are really going by at a fast pace. Maybe it's because of the great sector or such an awesome companion or sweet people we are teaching or all the responsibilities or all of the activities...IDK, but time is going by fast and we are having a blast... Forgive the unintentional rhyming! ;) 

We had a good week. We have really been progressing with M. and O. They are so great!!! This week O. was reading the BofM and she turned to the part in 3 Nephi 15 where Christ talked about going to other sheep the weren't the nephites or the jews and she likened that scripture to herself thinking that she and her family are like the sheep and through the missionaries and the church Christ is visiting them. She said that after she read that scripture and after having prayed and asked God about the BofM she knew it was true :D WHAT?!?!?! :D We were super stoked! M. is still in the process, we are going to be teaching the Plan of Salvation this week, which is one of the things she has a lot of doubts about. Also, her heart has been changed and softened a ton. The only thing stopping their overall progress is the challenge it is to teach them regularly and also the fact that because of a commitment that her son has with soccer, she has difficulty going to church!

My new phrase and theme is what J. always says, "Soy mormón, ¿Qué pasa?" Or in english, "I'm mormon, what up?" :D haha, it's awesome! Hahaha!

We had a cool experience with R. this week. She has been having some struggles with believeing that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet so last night we showed the family the video of Thomas S. Monson. Now all they want to do is get their hands on an Ensign so they can read some of his talks :) Anyways, Romanette is definitely going to be ready to be baptized in December. Also, during the video of Pres. Monson, they showed the Salt Lake Temple and talked about the sealing between Pres. Monson and his wife and in that moment P. asked R. if she would get sealed with him in that temple! They want to got to Utah to visit and get sealed one day :D THAT WOULD BE SO SICK!

Questions...and Answers:

1. I would say that Sister Wright's role is almost as big as President's... In interviews, she has a part; in zone conference, she teaches; she goes on splits with the sister missionaries; she does office work; she is majorly in charge of the missionary health; etc. 

2. We won't be getting devices down here for a LONG TIME. President says they wouldn't be coming down here until an iPad is worth just about as much as your typical nokia standard phone (translation, a LONG TIME).

3. Well, about ward council, we're still working on them actually having the meetings. It's actually kinda rare that we have meetings but we are trying to start it up as more of a regular thing with more participation and commitment... When there are meetings, we always go!

4. No, the chileans don't celebrate thanksgiving. So come the last thursday of November, it'll be just another day. We might try and do something special a pie at least :)

Well, that's pretty much it! Take care guys, love you!

Elder Bushman
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"Be friendly. You have to make a friend before you make a convert. Conversion follows friendship. The opportunity to teach follows friendship." - Gordon B. Hinckley

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