Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 12: Maybe I'll be Dreaming in Spanish Soon!

Greetings from Chile!!! Hello all you Gringos! :)

Haha, una broma no mas (just a joke)! Lots has happened this week so I'm just going to jump right sense wasting time, eh?:

Earlier this week we stopped by the home of one of our investigators, a 16 year old by the name of José. He's a good kid, reminds me a ton of Guillermo. Dark hair, light skinned, and talks way fast and slurred in Spanish. We asked if he had time to meet with us. He said he was too busy studying for his math final and was having trouble with a problem. I asked if I could see the problem. He invited us in and showed it to me. Elder Frost helped me with the translation and he asked if I could do it. I said I could. Well, I did it and got the right answer. I explained how to do it with some help from my comp and José was really grateful. Long story short, we had a great lesson with him and he agreed to pray about if he should be baptized. We'll find out his answer this week!!!!

Also earlier this week, we dropped by to knock this house. No one answered and the neighbor said they left. He then started saying that they were Christian and believed in God and no other religion and told us to leave. I began to explain that we believed in God and Christ as well...he didn't like that. ESPECIALLY when we asked if we were Mormons and we said yes. I told him we had a special message about Christ. He barely let me get that out before he started speaking in crappy English saying, "No, thank you, we fine! You Evangelicos, we Christians. Good bye. Leave." Horrible English...worse attitude. It was a pretty sour experience that made me sad and disappointed that people have such misconceptions about us and the things we are trying to do...

Elder Frost and I are going to be together one more change! :) He also got called as a District Leader for our district! WOOOT!!! :) Haha, it's really exciting. We are going to be together for his birthday! Hahaha! 

This week we had an English Fast. No English for 7 days...ugh. Tough! But it was good and I think I learned a lot. Last night when we ended it, I kept accidentally speaking Spanglish...I just couldn't speak English correctly. Haha. I've noticed that no one talks in my dreams. Maybe I'll be dreaming in Spanish soon!

The weather is really, really cold and rainy. The good thing about that is there aren't very many drunks in the street to bother us! The bad thing is it is freaking cold in our apartment!

One fun fact, all of the food here is practically in bags. They don't really use tubs. The Ketchup is in a bag, the Mayo is in a bag, so is the Mustard, so is the deli meat, so is the yogurt, so are the juices (some of them), so is the jam, so is the nutella, and the manjar, and on and on and on. I don't like it...It's way too hard to function and it's a lot messier :S

Mom: in the package you send me, could you put in a whole box of envelopes and the conference edition of the Ensign??? Also, I'm not sure if we could do anything to prevent customs from opening the package...any thoughts?

Thanks for all the info about home! I wish I had more time to respond to it all! Thanks, love you all, congratulate all my friends on their calls and kick those in the pants who don't have theirs ;) 


Elder Adam Bushman
The Zone

Elder from Peru

District Buddies

Mom LOVES this photo!

Storm Clouds

Such a neat boy!

Good thing for that TETON sleeping bag!

Well taught by his Aunt Suz!

Looks like pizza from home

Again - Looks like Utah
Memorize scripture passages that explain and support the principles you teach.

~ Preach My Gospel, 23.

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