Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 16: It wasn't Ring Around the Rosies or Duck, Duck, Goose

Dear Family and Friends,

First off, a good hearty thanks to my wonderful mother! Thanks mom for sending me a little personal blurb! :) I'm going to look forward to that every week. Sorry you were worrying about me this whole week. Monday stunk but that day I started to take DigestZen and some water. Tuesday I began getting better and by Thursday I was 100 % :) My personal prayers, the prayers of everyone else, and the power of Essential Oils just got 'er done!!!! :D I'm drinking a lot more water now so have no fear. 
About the photos...I can't wait :D HAHAHA! I'm fairly giddy :) Can't wait for Spencer's letter too! As for the DVD, cannot wait! Could you include a paper that tells all of the numbers and everything and the names of the videos? Also, I'm not sure how easy it would be to make a screen selection to find the specific videos? Let me know on that, I'm just thinking about how easy it should be when showing them in lessons. I'm glad that you are changing prayers, that's awesome! That's one of the hardest things out here, it's like beating a dead horse that was killed 5 or 6 years ago. These people have heard the same shpeel over and over again and they just keep saying, "No, I don't really know anyone who is interested." Thanks for the prayers :) The Pig Head tasted good, but just had a horrible texture, ugh... Cannot wait for the package! Our district class got moved to Friday (just about typed Viernes, awkward :S) so maybe I will get them both :D Hahaha! Glad everything is great at home and that you all have a sense of humor :P

So real quick I just got to fill you all in on the craziest experience of my life. So we went to an investigators home, a family of 5 women, ha! We can't go in unless we bring a man, so we brought our good buddy Christian (a freakin' dope Peruvian kid) - [This means a really cool, awesome and sweet boy from Peru. I asked]. The mom said her daughter was sick so we couldn't go in but she did tell us to go and knock on her neighbors door to see if they were interested. So we did. We walked over there and we told Christian we would teach him how to contact...he wanted to wait on the corner :) HA! Funny kid. Elder Frost told me to "Strap Up!" That's pretty much our motto out here! So we bucked up, and knocked and this guy answered and said they were having a party. We tried to share a little bit about us and tell him about our church but he just kept saying, "Look guys, the thing is, we are having a party." So we left and started to walk away with Christian. He was sending a text on his cell phone when a different guy popped out of the same house and told us to come in and that he wanted to talk to us. So we did (what we didn't know is that Christian wasn't behind us and that he didn't know that the guy called us back. So he kept walking 'til he realized we weren't there, then he just waited...hahaha!). We went it to find that, yes, they really were having a "party." And it wasn't ring around the rosies or duck duck goose, this was a Wordly Party. There was beer and wine, men/women in their 30's, dancing, a pool, music, and weird crap!... I leaned over to Elder Frost and I said, "I don't feel good about this, we gotta get out of here." Everybody kept asking us to have fun, have some drinks, make ourselves at home, etc. It reeked, alcohol is so disgusting smelling :S I wanna throw up every time I get a whiff! Anyways, we talked to the guy who owned the house, placed a pass along card and said we'd come back later (when there is NO party). Anyways, wild ride! Glad we got out while we could, before anything NUTS happened :S

Anyways, we are working with some good members, things are going good! I'm almost out of my training period so that's sweet! Also, we did divisions with our Zone Leaders and I had a really, really great time with an Elder Clyde from Washington. He goes to BYU so we'll probably see each other and play ball when I get back :)

Thanks so much everyone; I'll fill ya in on more next week! Loves!

Elder Adam Bushman

From Mom: He asked me to send him the Bible Videos in Spanish - so that's what the DVD is. I downloaded them all...just need to get it copied onto a DVD. Our Bishop asked us to start praying that the members will find people for the missionaries to teach, not that the missionaries will find people to teach. So, that is how my missionary prayers have changed. I'm so glad he is feeling better...I was worried all week about him, but it sounds like he got over it pretty quickly. Now his feet are bothering him so I need to get some opinions from my doTerra friends. Freaky business about the crazy party....glad he and Elder Frost left right away. Obedience - so important! Hopefully he'll get his birthday package on Friday. It's in Chile - just need confirmation of delivery. Love Mondays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

"Every man who has a calling to minister to the inhabitants of the world was ordained to that very purpose in the Grand Council of heaven before this world was." - Joseph Fielding Smith

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