Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Photos Galore!

L. doing the game in our FHE

The photos that C. drew of E Muzante and I

Me and my comp with our photos


Me and my mate! (Mate? It's herbs, with hot water and sugar that you drink through a special straw... :) It's a brazil, chile, argentina, uruguay thing)

I finally convinced E Vorwaller to drink mate with me! :) These are our mate faces

Me with the mountain range in the backgroud...this was right after a rain storm!

STEPHEN'S :) E' Vorwaller gave it to me

A taste of home

PIZZA...the bishop gave us pizza for lunch the other day

E' V with our pizza

Here's my new agenda for this change... WORLD CUP

Muzante and I on our way up to Cajon de Maipo

Vorwaller and Capuñay on our way up to cajon de maipo

Vorwaller, Muzante, Capuñay, Hermano L, and I

Here I am "on the road again" :)

Elder Muzante and Elder Capuñay in the car

Elder Vorwaller and I in the car

We walked up a skii resort that hadn't opened yet...this is the lift that i'm standing next to

Me, Capuñay, and Muzante

The snow up to my waist!!!

Vorwaller and I

Hermano L. in an old truck we found up there

The climb to the summit

This was the dog that followed us for like 3 hours!

Me at the summit

The View

The View

Elder Muzante and I at the summit

Us jumpíng

Vorwaller and Capuñay jumping

My companion and I at the END OF THE WOR...MISSION! :)

My companion and I at the END OF THE WOR...MISSION! :)

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