Monday, November 10, 2014

Yr. 2, Week 33: Conference with Elder Russell M. Nelson

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week was a pretty good one. I felt like we did EVERYTHING in our power to help people fulfill their commitments and to progress and receive the joy that comes from the gospel but there were a few people that just didn't make it...They just couldn't fulfill their commitment. I felt sad but as I write this letter, I know that we tried our best to call them, to pass by them, to help them, etc. One of those families that just didn't make the true effort was the ____ Family. We went by them this week and the dad was "unavailable" so he didn't share with us and when they promised to go to church we called Sunday morning several times and then invited them to come for the last hour and they said they would and they didn't. They said they had other commitments and it made me sad but we trusted in them, acted in faith, and we're still gonna try and help but I'm not sure how it will turn out.

On the other hand, there were many other miracles that happened this week. C, Y, B, and M...went to church. They only went for one hour  (since they are still figuring out how they are going to be able to work it out what with having to go to the hospital in the mornings still) but THEY WENT! I was so stoked. Everybody liked it except B. She's in that difficult stage and she was only in the sacrament meeting so I don't blame her really for not liking it. She went and I tried to thank her as much as possible for trying it ... now we just gotta bring some young women to the lessons so she can go to the classes and actually enjoy herself!! :D C and Y really liked it although they had to rush off right away! Now our job is to keep going by with the members and the bishop, get Y an interview with the bishop, and keep reminding them about future weeks! :D 

Also, other miracle! We've been teaching F.  He's kinda been wishy-washy of late and has actually canceled a lot of our lessons. So we were kinda thinking that it wasn't go to work out with him. This week we went out with President Wright and when our plans got changed for the night, we were scrambling in order to find someone to visit with President. We finally decided to call up F...he answered and said we could go by. The visit was INCREDIBLE!!! He read Mosiah 18 and he said he didn't remember everything but he said that he did remember that he felt like the BofM was true and that he needed to follow the example of Alma's people and be baptized. We talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and we invited him to prepare to be baptized in December. He accepted and even went to church yesterday. Compared to other weeks, church wasn't AS great and didn't go AS smoothly as other weeks but it was still great! F. had lots of questions and unfortunately he has some doubts about tithing but we are going to try and go by with our bishop or something so as to help him understand the principle. Anyways, A HUGE BLESSING! He's one of the most progressing investigators right now :D

So a little bit about my companion, since now I've gotten the chance to know him. Man, he's a great companion because of how much service we give to each other. I love that guy so much. The other day his bag broke and I had an extra one so I told him he could have it. He was so grateful. Today, while in the Nike Store looking at soccer stuff, he grabbed a shirt with the Brazil logo on it and he said he was going to buy it for me as a thanks and so that I would always remember him. We take turns helping each other out and we have a lot of fun during the week as we work. He is a really fun, relaxed kind of guy. He likes to joke around and we have a mutual love in soccer so that gives us a lot to talk about. He lives in a city called Fortaleza, which is really close to the beach. He lives with his grandparents and a few of his siblings! He is a convert, he joined the church when he was 12. He's always telling me about all the cool stuff there is in Brazil and he's pretty much convinced me that I need to visit one day. :D Haha! He definitely wants to go to visit the USA and he's learning a lot of English (so help him practice on Christmas Day) :D

Anyways, there were other things that happened during the week but these were the biggest miracles! I love you all, I'm working hard, I'm trying to overcome my errors and my shortcomings but we are doing the best work possible.

OH, NEWS FLASH: today we had a conference with Elder Russell M. Nelson. Everybody got to shake his hand. What an experience! :) Also, his message and that of his wife were just fantastic. His wife invited us to contemplate and study about who we were in the premortal life. She promised us that it would help us overcome anything if we can remember who we were! Elder Nelson talked about 10 subjects that he thought were most important that we study and about which we must increase our knowledge. Anyways, more on that soon! He and his wife bore great testimonies, I loved it! :D

Love you all, take care! 

Elder Bushman
Colo-Colo Brothers :D...

 This is a photo of the jersey I bought of the team I like internationally... BARCELONA :) I got a screaming deal on it today, like 70% off on the official jersey :D

These are some fun photos of me and my companion that Elder Nelson took with his sweet camera. The shirt I'm wearing is the Brazilian shirt that my companion bought for me! :D

Our Popeye's trip! :D (Right to Left) Elder Denison, Elder Deal, Elder Laurentino, Elder Rice, Elder Rhees, Elder Neher, Elder Hokanson, and Me

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