Monday, November 17, 2014

Yr. 2, Week 34: We are Stoked for Their Baptism

Dear Family and Friends,

Boy oh boy am I tired. All week long E' Laurentino and I have been looking forward to playing soccer and getting with the zone. So, when Monday finally came, we got to the church as quickly as possible and we started to play...and I think we may have overdone it... Hahaha! I'm really sore, a little sunburned, and just flat out tired... Haha! But it was a fun activity. I love getting with the zone and having fun!

So a few "not so pleasant things" about the week. [Some of our investigators have been struggling with various things]....Satan just puts his foot in the way of our progress. What a little...! 

However, there were a few cool/good things that happened this week! M. went to church and had a great time! She and her mom also went over to the Bishop's house with the Guzmán family for the FHE and they can't wait for the next one, in the Guzmán house! We are stoked for their baptism. We changed it to the 6th of December so we have a bit more time to fulfill some of the things they are missing... But they are making GREAT progress! :D R. and P. are just AWESOME. They are getting all ready for their wedding day. R. saved like $600 on her wedding dress by buying it online...from the U.S.A (I'm so proud to be an American, even if this example only shows that you can find cheap wedding dresses...STILL!!). We had a great lesson with them last night about the Plan of Salvation. P. just bore a sweet testimony about how coming back to church has blessed his life and how R. is going to get baptized and then they are going to get sealed. He said he loves his family and wants to be with them forever. R. said that she feels much more prepared and she said that after her wedding she is going to get baptized! :D Anyways, THEY ARE AWESOME!!! :D

Anyways, enjoy the photos! Take care guys, love you all!

Elder Bushman


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