Monday, November 24, 2014

Yr. 2, Week 35: God Loves Us

Dear Family and Friends,

Haha, what a week...there is honestly NOTHING to report... Honestly here's the gist:

This week has kinda been a tough one. My companion, Elder Laurentino, was sick this week so we honestly didn't do much... On Tuesday he came down with a massive fever and had it going strong until like Thursday evening. At one point he had a fever of 103.9. It was NUTS. Good thing we had my thermometer because that could've gotten messy! Anyways, during the weekend he had bad stomach issues and stuff so it was a super bumer week for him and me. I was really bored and just sick of staying inside. Sometimes it's cool to have a break but this was just TOO MUCH. :S Anyways, he's feeling a lot better now so we are stoked to make this week SICK :D

It was a pretty mellow week...full of lots of personal study. I'm not sure if you have been able to read the Ensign for the month of December but read it!! It is amazing. I loved the article about the Sacred Grove. I loved the principles this Seventy was able to learn from the nature that exists in the Sacred Grove!! Also, I read and studied Jacob 5 this week. I reflected on and I felt a strong impression that God loves us and that He desires to help us reach our potential just like the Lord of the vineyard wanted to help these trees reach their potential :) I love this chapter! 

Anyways, I'll send some photos! Here's some recordings too!!! Everything is great :) I'm having lots of fun with my companion and we are putting in lots of work! Take care everybody, love ya!

Elder Bushman
Future Elder G.

Any Guesses?? Boiling his Socks

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