Monday, December 8, 2014

Yr. 2, Week 37: LOTS OF PROGRESS

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a great week! We had several awesome things happen! First off, an update on the investigators that are progressing most:

R: she is doing great! She has really been getting involved with the church and doing FHE's and just loving it. She is getting to know so many people and she loves church and they all love going. Anyways, she has been thinking if she wants to get baptized the 28th or the 21st or a bit later. And yesterday she said that she would like to be baptized the 21st, that she feels ready, and that she would like to be baptized the same day as O and M! :D We are excited and we still got a bit to teach but we're confident that we can do it! It's so awesome because all three have testimonies.

O and M: This week we had a sweet FHE with another family in the ward. The L. family invited them over and Sister L. is the primary president. She and her husband are really fun and they made an instant relationship with O and M. Both of them are excited for the baptismal date and lots of the ward members know them and are excited for them! Also, O's husband, L. doesn't really listen to us because he's "atheist" but O. commented that these last few weeks he has been making references to God and also told O and M that if they reallly wanted to be baptized, that he would support them and help them and even go to church with them if they needed him to....LOTS OF PROGRESS :) Also, M's little brother, B. is really excited and he could be the next baptism. 

Anyways, things are good, we enjoying everything, we are healthy and we are suffering SO MUCH HEAT!!!!!!! :S But everythhing's good.

We were thinking about doing the skype at about 7 our time, or at about 3 your guys' time...would that work?? Or no? I got the package, we loved it, we are going to be doing the Nativity with the G. family and probably O. and her family. We are stoked for the cards, I'M STOKED WITH THE BBQ SAUCE, I'm going to use it on the BBQ we have Christmas day :) thanks so much for the presents and everything, I love you all, you're the best! Here's some photos and recordings!!!

Love you guys, ELDER BUSHMAN
 Making Empanadas...

Christmas Package - 6 days from Utah to Chile!

Sweet Members and Investigators!

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