Monday, December 15, 2014

Yr. 2, Week 38: The Spirit was Outstanding

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a really cool week. We had a lot of sweet stuff happen. I'm just gonna dive right in:

We had a sweet experience with the new family we found, D, F, A & A. They are really really awesome because they are soo willing to pray and ask God if what we are saying is true!!! They are so receptive and we have had amazing conversations and lessons. They are reading what we leave and they discuss it :D They also went to stake conference yesterday. It was so amazing because so many people said hi and introduced themselves, the talks were just amazing, and the spirit was OUTSTANDING!!! Anyways, they had some questions and things but we had a great lesson with them yesterday after conference. I think they are going to be baptized pretty soon. I'm sending a photo of them! 

We had some other good experiences this week with O and M and R.  They decided to all get baptized on the same day, the 28th of December. It'll be good because we are going to be able to teach them EVERYTHING. It's going to be nice! Anyways, we had a great FHE with them in which they shared their testimonies and some of their experiences and it was neat. 

C & Y. Ya know, I think they are making progress. Y more than anything, but C is getting there I think. Ya know, I think he has trouble recognizing the spirit because it's really difficult for him to understand the concept of testimony! That's what we are going to be talking about tonight!!! Anyways, things are going well. Their baby got out of the hospital safe and sound, photo attached...

I'm excited for the chance to skype you all. Just 10 days, haha!!! 

Answers to questions:

Christmas Skype call: 3.00 your time, could you send me the info again?

About changes, I think that I'm going to stay with Elder Laurentino until the end...I hope so, he's helping me a lot and we can really see some long term progress if we say together :D

I loved the digital photo book you guys sent me! It's definitely been a highlight, thank you so much. I appreciate all the people who helped :) TELL THEM MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!

Thank you so much for the letters and cards and scripture studies...They are amazing! I'm learning a ton and I appreciate the love you express to me through those!!! 

Our plans for Christmas include hanging out with our zone, having Christmas dinner with the G. family, and visiting a few people after the skype call :D 

Thanks so much for everything guys! I really appreciate it!!

Elder Bushman
Photos at Cajon del Maipo:

A Christmas tree in our sector:

This is a stand we put in the street market in our sector...we did it with a few other elders, it was SOOO FUN :D

My comp's haircut:

A Sweet Lunch:


This was the Christmas Concert at the temple!!! :D

During the Week:


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