Monday, December 1, 2014

Yr. 2, Week 36: It is just the Greatest Experience Ever

Dear Family and Friends,

A cool miracle from this week:

About 2 months ago when I went on a division with Elder Jara in our zone, we contacted a young guy by the name of A. He was cool and we had a good conversation. He gave us his contact information and we tried to go back that week but we weren't able. Turns out we weren't able to visit him for about a month and a half because we never found him at home, he never answered his phone, etc. Anyways, I still kept trying with Laurentino. Then a few weeks ago we had a lesson with him and it went really well and he seemed pretty excited to read the BofM. Then again, we lost contact. However, yesterday, we decided to pass by and we met with him and his mom and younger sister!! It was sweet because his mom, D and his sister, F, were AWESOME! We had a sick lesson and we have a return visit for this Saturday. D said she also wanted her other daughter, A, to get to know us so we are really, really excited because she could also be a new investigator :D Anyways, it was an answer to prayer and I believe they could be our next baptisms after R, O, and M :)

Another cool thing from this week was a lesson we were able to have with C and Y last night. We've been talking A LOT about the lesson of the Restoration with them because it is just SO HARD for C to grasp... We explain it as simple as possible with scriptures and everything but it's just HARD for him, haha, to put it simply! Anyways, when we were there Y said that she just couldn't keep it in any longer, but that for a few weeks she has been feeling the spirit when she prays, reads, and is with us and that she KNOWS and received another CONFIRMATION that the church is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet! It was awesome because she has also had lots of doubts. Now we just gotta work more with C and help him soften his heart. But it was a really cool experience and it just let me know that it's the feeling, nothing us, that helps us change and feel a surety that these things are true!

Another cool visit we had this week was with O and M. We set back their date for the 21st just because it's going to take a bit more time to teach them all the lessons. They both love church, they love reading the BofM, they pray, the love FHE, and they are excited for their baptism. O says she wants to feel a bit more prepared and she feels like praying and asking forgiveness will help here with that! I thought it was awesome and she is definitely going to be baptized on the 21st along with her daughter :D THEY ARE FABULOUS, a true example of a miracle in one family! 

Another absolute miracle from this week was R and P. This week they got married!!!!! Sort of. Haha, so weird thing about Chile, when you get married you go twice. One time to sign the paperwork, swear in, etc. And then the next part they do all the formal stuff (dress up, kiss, whatever). So, technically, according to Chile, they are married! We are so stoked. P. was ordained a Priest yesterday and called to be the Young Men's Secretary :D I was so stoked! Also, in a visit we had with them last night, R. stated CLEARLY that she is going to be baptized and that she is looking forward to it. Yesterday she got up and ran around waking everybody up and getting them ready for church :D I'm so very happy for them!

I'm really enjoying being with my companion! He's so awesome, I love him a lot :) Hahaha, he's trying to practice English and so when he says something and I start laughing and I tell him what he said, he just laughs. He's such a good sport about it all and he's just helping me out a ton! Anyways, things are going really good here! I really love this sector and I'm trying to learn a bit more Portuguese! I can say a prayer in Portuguese, so we'll see how much I can get down before going back home. Haha, I'd like to study Portuguese too, since Elder Laurentino wants me to visit Brazil one day (not to mention it wouldn't be bad for work if I knew a bit). 

Anyways, take care everybody! I love you all, you're amazing! I love this work, I'm working hard, I love the scriptures and I think it is just the greatest experience ever being out here. I think it's gonna be a bit hard to go home.


Elder Bushman

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