Monday, December 22, 2014

Yr. 2, Week 39: They are 100% Ready for Their Baptism

Dear Family and Friends,

Today isn't p-day, rather, they just gave us a little while to write our families and do some other things for the mission. Things are going great. We had awesome lessons with R, O, M and they are 100% ready for their baptism. P., R's husband, is going to baptize her and J, the recent convert who actually gave the referral to the missionaries to visit O, is going to baptize O and M. They are all really excited and they have great testimonies and experiences. 

D, A, F, & A. are also doing very well. They have fantastic questions, lots of faith, and they are having spiritual experiences. This week we are going to invite them to be baptized on a specific date so we'll see how that goes. :D I'm pretty sure that they will accept. Also, F and A came to church yesterday and they loved it. They were well received by the members and things are great with them. 

Y and C are doing well and they are changing and becoming more converted but they didn't come to church yesterday so that's the big difficulty with them. We're still trying to help them all get with the program so that they can be coming REGULARLY :) Hopefully they can go to church and stay for the baptism next week!!! 

Anyways, anything else you guys wanna know just save the questions until the 25th...or THREE DAYS :) I'm really excited to talk to you guys and I hope to be able to see you all :) haha!!! Thanks for everything, you guys are the best! Thanks for all of your support!

Elder Bushman
Oh, PS, I ran into a sister missionary at the temple...she just barely got to the MTC, she is from Cedar Hills, and said, "Elder Bushman, before I came here, I was reading your blog!" Haha, it was nuts, she said when she got her call she looked up Santiago Chile and found my blog and has been reading it for a few months, CRAZY :) FYI because I don't know if you know HOW many people read :) haha!
Chile Santiago East Mission Conference:
Elder Bushman is third from the right, bottom row of Elders
This is Elder Rhees and I drinking Mate out of a Piña! It was pretty darn good :D

This is mate out of an orange...EVEN BETTER!

This is the precision driving of the chilean people. You can BARELY see daylight there, it's crazy! 

This is Elder Hokanson and I on divs. We bought Chinese food...not bad chinese food here in chile!


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