Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 14: My Spanish is "Incredible"

Dear Family and Friends,

Haha, glad to see that everyone is doing great!!! :) Congrats to my little brother Spencer on becoming a deacon! Way to go bud, you're making me proud!!! :) Also, glad everything is going well with Girls Camp and good luck to Dad out there in Missouri! Watch out for those Tornadoes...whew!!! Hello to everyone else, love you all, keep doing what the man up stairs wants for you, and don't be LAZY! That's the biggest problem we face out here, lazy people! Do what needs gettin' done!  :D

So today for P-day we went to mall Catorce and mall Florida! It was fun, and I got to meet my Grandpa, Elder Cofré! Basically, your first companion is your dad, your second companion is your mom. If you train someone, that is your kid. Elder Cofré trained Elder Frost and Elder Frost is training me. He's a good guy and it was fun to meet him. Also had some fun hanging out with Elder McGary and Elder Hunt. Elder Hunt is training my buddy Elder McGary. When E' McGary and I hit a year, Elder Hunt will have two months left in the mission... Nuts! Anyways, Elder Frost was going to get some things to finish off his whole Real Madrid (soccer team in Spain) kit. He has a jersey, cleats, and a warmup sweater now and he's going to get socks and shorts! Then he'll be done. We couldn't get it today so hopefully next week! I'll send pics once it's complete!! :D

Right now we only have one progressing investigator...still. Her name is Jacquelin, she turned 34 yesterday (that through us for a loop, we thought she was like 27 :S). Anyways, we have almost taught her everything. She is praying morning and night, reading everything we leave her, and is almost off coffee. She is off for about 6 days, then drinks a cup, then goes off for like 4-5 more days. Once she gives it up and comes to church three times she can be baptized. She is completing all the requirements and we're helping her a ton. This Thursday we have a family home evening wit her and a young couple in the ward!! It should be awesome! :) 

Not much else is new! We got a new investigator, the boyfriend of a member's son's exwife ... yeah, just swallow that one for a second :S Read it slow, then again, write it out, Google it, then read it should be able to figure out the relationship by then! Anyways, he doesn't live in our sector but he wants us to teach him at the member's home. We are going to and we'll eventually get his address (he wouldn't give it to us at the start) and put him down for a reference to other missionaries... Too bad we can't progress with him :( 

In one week I complete 4 months! Crazy! Elder Frost's birthday is in about 3 weeks, then mine is 2 weeks after that, then I'll have 5 months out! Freaking crazy... The mission is going quick, sometimes it seems like I just got out here...!!! Cameron is almost at a year, nuts! Drew is at 7 months already and Jenz Bunnell is already a month over his year mark! Things are going by really, really quick.

Well, not much else is new. We're going to be doing a two week English fast starting tomorrow. Should be fun. Hopefully my language skills will be taken to the next level. After my last English fast it was slightly hard to talk in English and I was feeling comfortable always talking in Spanish... Now not to make you think I knew everything that they were saying or that I could say everything I wanted to. I couldn't! But it was feeling kinda comfortable. Hopefully that will get even better this next week! Elder Frost told me the other day that several people have said that my Spanish is "incredible" for how long I've been out! It hasn't gone to my head or anything, but that compliment has made me want to work even harder and get better and better and better! The promise in 1 Nephi 3:7 is coming to pass :)

I love you all, talk to you next week!

Elder Adam Bushman
PS - This place we go to email has weird USB's ... sometimes they work, sometimes they don't... Can't send any photos today either, sorry! :(  
Can't wait to get the package!!
"What a responsibility we have. The whole fate of the world depends on us, according to the revelations of the Almighty. We cannot waste time. We cannot be unrighteous in our living. We cannot let our thoughts dwell on immoral things. We have to be the very best that we can be, you and I, because the very relationship of God our Eternal Father to His children on the earth depends on their accepting what we have come to teach according to His magnificent word."
 - Gordon B. Hinckley

From Mom: He says he has 4 months out because of his return date. He really left three months and a week ago.  

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