Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 13: We Found Two Families

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow...I am beat... Elder Frost and I just got back from playing soccer. I busted my butt and was running everywhere. It was nuts. I kept getting schooled by our Bishop, Obispo Quinteros. He's probably 3 years younger than Dad but he was killing it out there. Haha, fun times :) 

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Father, Sam, and my legit to death Brother, Spencer. Hope you both had great days full of happy memories and all :) Spencer, keep practicing your basketball! I'm so happy to see that you are spinning it on your finger, that's so great :D Keep up your dribbling skills, that will be your biggest help in AHS basketball. If you can out dribble the people you play, you will always...always be successful :) Go get 'em buddy!!!!

Tell Michael to get better, okay :)

We are working with members a bit more...but honestly, the members down here are pretty...hmmm..."busy!" They don't feel the need or desire to help. It's really frustrating :( We can only go to the temple and do a session once per year. We have interviews with our mission president once every three months. I do see him and his wife every training meeting though and at the Zone Conferences...also every three months. Money is good, I get about $120.000 every month, about $240. It's more than adequate, haha! José didn't agree but he's still thinking. His other brother, Felipe, is going to be thinking about it too. We meet with them tonight so hopefully :D No, it snows in the mountains, rains in the city. 
I'm really glad that Dad's birthday was a huge success and that everything turned out amazing. The parades, the barbeque, everything...ugh, amazing. So Kelley Clarkson rocked the house huh? Awesome, that's so cool. Cary Rae Jepson...nah, who cares! Haha, Anna? No way, that's so awesome and cute, haha! Tell everyone I said hi :D One cool thing is that Chile's independence day is coming up and we get to celebrate with some of the members... That means big ASADAS baby!!! WOOOT! Basically, it's where they put every kind of meat...and a ton of it, on a grill and just go to town. It's going to be a lot of fun :D

One really awesome thing from this week is that we found two families. One is a mom, dad, one girl, two boys. We meet with them tonight. They have all amazing qualities and the parents are so loving but strict with their kids. They all have amazing values that would totally be awesome in the Church. The bad thing is that they just like to hear the standpoints of other religions...just for knowledge :S Hopefully we can get them a testimony of the BofM!! The other family is a mom and four girls. They are awesome as well, great values, awesome love. They all seemed interested. The mom had taken lessons in the past but was really pressured by the missionaries. We are going to take it really slow with her. We meet with them Friday!!

Right now we only have one progressing investigator. That means that there is only one investigator that we have that is keeping the commitments that we extend. We still meet with other investigators, but they don't really keep commitments...hence, they aren't progressing. We are just trying to get this lady to church and to stop drinking coffee. We are trying various things. Hopefully they'll work out! 

Anyways, glad everything is working out amazing for everyone back home :) I'm going to be sending my family personal letters this week! So be ready! Also, Nicole, let me know when you get my letter!!! 


Elder Adam Bushman
"I would rather hear an Elder speak only five words accompanied by the power of God, and they would do more good than to hear long sermons without the Spirit." - Brigham Young

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